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Nature Nomade: Exploring the Ancient Art


Heidelberg, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/22/2017 -- A great traveller and lover of art has started this amazing project called Nature Nomade. Being a true embodiment of both passions, the project is dedicated to people with a nomadic nature, who love the spirit of exploration, novelty and adventure. According to the creator, Nature Nomade is a personal and intimate lifestyle story for her, by literally living it and learning along her way. To pursue this project, she will be travelling to Klung-Kung area of south-eastern Bali, Indonesia, in order to collaborate with the local artisan masters and create one of a kind hand painted batik pieces, which will be elaborated into an exquisite accessory collection.

Ancient batik and gold thread woven cloth is being created by these artisans and it is the interest of the creator to study their ancient techniques. Nature Nomade is not just about design business, it is also about fostering relationships with the artisans and their communities. By focusing on where the art originated we can help preserve these traditions, so they can endure and continue to evolve artistically. The goal of this inspiring project is to raise €35,000 within a month and everyone is welcome to back this project on Indiegogo.

All funds raised through this Indiegogo campaign will play a major role in supporting this project in it's growth, with the goal of uniting the diversities of the world and passing on to future generations the widest possible mapping of human cultures at the start of the third millennium.

Everyone is welcome to find out more about this project and make their generous contributions using the following link on Indiegogo:

About Nature Nomade
Nature Nomade is a collaborative design project aiming to bring out the ancient textile heritage of the Indonesian artisans in front of the world. The project is initiated by a passionate artist, who is welcoming everyone to back her on Indiegogo.

Contact Person: Ms. Inna Nirenberg
Company: Nature Nomade
Address: Heidelberg, Germany
Phone: +49(0)176 9669 7869