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Nature's View Sunrooms Publishes Information on the Health Benefits of Vitamin D

The body requires vitamin D to ward off certain diseases and build strong bones, reports


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2015 -- A vitamin D deficiency poses many health risks. Individuals with low vitamin D blood levels are more at risk of death from cardiovascular disease, cancer and cognitive impairment in seniors. In addition, children lacking in this vitamin are more prone to severe asthma. The sun provides a great deal of this vitamin, yet many individuals fail to get enough sunlight to meet the nutritional requirements due to time spent at work and school. Natures View Sunrooms offers a way for families to boost their sun exposure and their body's natural vitamin D production to improve health.

"The body makes vitamin D when exposed to the sun. Those who live in northern latitudes, however, often find they cannot get enough sunlight to meet their needs. This may be compounded by a vegetarian diet or a dairy allergy that prevents the person from getting this vitamin from the foods they consume. With the help of sunrooms in Brampton, anyone can increase their exposure to the sun and boost the natural production of this vitamin," Bruno, spokesperson for Nature's View Sunrooms, states.

Studies show sunrooms provide fresh air, in addition to sunlight, and both are shown to help reduce stress. Stress has been shown to increase a person's risk of obesity, among other things, and this benefit continues year round. Individuals find they can make use of the sunroom at various times of the year, even when it is too cold outside, as the sunroom helps to capture the light and warmth of the sun. Furthermore, money can be saved by using natural light, as opposed to electric lighting.

"Numerous other health benefits are obtained when people are in the sun. The risk of osteoporosis decreases, and it only takes 30 minutes of exposure to sunlight to receive the various health benefits. Seasonal affective disorder symptoms decrease and mood improves. The benefits are the result of an increase in various substances in the body, including endorphins and endomorphins," Bruno explains.

A sunroom is very versatile. Individuals find they can use the space as a playroom for the children, as a reading spot for the entire family or as a place to grow fruits, vegetables and herbs for consumption. With so many uses for a room of this type, every home should have a sunroom, many believe.

"Turn to Nature's View Sunrooms when you are looking for sunrooms in Oakville or any part of central Canada. We will be happy to sit down with you and discuss your needs and what you wish to accomplish with this room. With the information obtained during the consultation, we help you design a room that meets your requirements in every way," Bruno states.

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