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Naturopath Dr. Alberto Snow Develops Effective Treatment for Acid Reflux


Milford, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/08/2015 -- Practicing Naturopath Dr. Alberto Snow has recently unveiled his natural treatment for acid reflux and stomach bloating which took many years to develop and cured the doctor's personal acid reflux problem. The doctor has now decided to share his treatment with other sufferers, who are desperate for a cure that is effective and ensures permanent recovery.

The doctor explained: "My name is Dr. Alberto Snow and for 33 years I have successfully treated inflammatory bowel & upper GI problems with my unique Holistic Gastroenterology Method. I am certain that no matter how bad your problem is I can help you. Contrary to what you have been told, you can be healed by using a combination of natural remedies that heal the condition rather than suppress the symptoms. You can be permanently healed in as little as 3-4 months."

Gastro esophageal reflux disease, or GERD, which is an advanced form of acid reflux is caused by the loss of the protective mucosal lining which prevents the stomach acid from making direct contact with the esophageal wall. This causes the tissue to become inflamed- erode & to become weak. This condition is not caused by too much acid but rather because of too little mucosal lining. In fact the acid is supposed to travel up and down the esophagus.

Unfortunately, despite medical advancements the treatments available currently are only able to suppress the symptoms and not cure the issue entirely.

What Dr. Snow offers is contrary to the conventional treatments available. It is not a product - not an e-book or a membership to a private website. Rather, people who wish to seek help from the doctor can request a free 15 minute consultation with him to determine whether they are a candidate for his treatment after filling out the medical history form available on his website ( This gives the doctor insights into the patient's problems and helps the doctor work together with each patient closely to ensure that the cure is specific and customized for each patient. With a one-time $295 fee Dr. Snow treats patients ongoing at no extra cost until they are healed. Patients will have unlimited email or phone access to the doctor.

Diane Pride from Massachusetts writes: "For 20 years I had resigned myself to having to live with Crohn's Disease. In November of 2005 I made an appointment with Dr. Alberto Snow. His website said that he specialized in the natural treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Having no success with conventional medicine I thought I might give an alternative method a try. 6 months and several appointments later all of my symptoms were gone. My medical gastroenterologist confirmed that there were no signs of Crohn's Disease. I have had no problems since."

About Dr. Alberto Snow
Dr. Alberto Snow is a naturopathic doctor. He received his doctorate degree in Orthomolecular Biochemistry from American Institute of Natural Healing. He is the creator of the holistic gastroenterology method. For more information, please visit:

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