Navigation App Offers Instant Truck Routes for Transport Exchange Drivers

A truck navigation app has been updated to offer weigh scales, truck stops and instant routes to improve the service of Transport Exchange drivers.


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2013 -- The most recent update for a cloud based free truck navigation app, developed in Boston, Massachussetts, adds a variety of helpful features to the existing app, improving the efficiency and safety of truck drivers such as those provided by the Transport Exchange group.

The app’s server allows truck drivers to quickly find routes to places such as truck stops and other truck specific locations, as well as gather information about whether they provide services such as free wi-fi, bathrooms and repair services. The Massachussetts servers instantly calculate routes for anywhere, using the GPS built into most smartphones for navigation, with any route downloadable in a matter of seconds.

The app works by constructing a database on the servers, consisting of both permanent and temporay information about locations and available routes for truck drivers. This information is updated daily, incorporating feedback from the drivers themselves from experiences of their journey. The app even goes as far as taking into account the truck restrictions, asking users of the software to input their truck’s height and weight for calculation. This way, the software can help truck drivers avoid ticket costs whilst providing additional safety. The software has also been equipped with visual and voice capture so the driver can use the app’s features completely hands free whilst on the road.

The app requires no form of activation in terms of database download: all the information is instantly available the moment the software is activated, and even the longest of routes can be calculated in seconds, greatly improving the efficiency of any truck driver’s journey. Once the maps are opened on the app, the data is instantly cached in order to conserve data usage, reducing data usage costs for the driver if they are on a paid contract with their service provider. Some truck drivers have named the product as the most advanced and accurate smartphone solution for truck GPS navigation, and it seems to be the perfect complement to the services of online communities such as Transport Exchange

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