Nazareth Secret

Nazareth Secret Shares the Flavors of the Holy Land in Fine Foods

Company offers gourmet foods crafted locally in Nazareth, Israel, including honey, a date and halva spread, and coming soon, cosmetics and other natural products


Alon Hagalil, Israel -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2013 -- Israel, the land of milk and honey, now literally shares its gift with the world, in an exquisite honey made from summer Starthistle blossoms. The honey is the first product available from Nazareth Secrets, a family-based company with a growing line of products from this ancient, vibrant city that is often called the “Cradle of Christianity.”

They also produce a halva and Silan date syrup spread. Halva is a much-loved candy confection based in sesame seed. Silan date syrup is traditionally thought of as the source for the Biblical reference to Israel as the “land of milk and honey.” Nazareth Secrets honey and date and halva spread will soon be joined by other food products, based on regional recipes, which have been passed from generation to generation. A line of honey-based cosmetics and other natural products is also in development and will be introduced in the near future. Nazareth Secrets products meet all FDA standards.

Nazareth Secrets was founded by 25-year Nazareth resident Dr. Noga Langer. Dr. Langer is a senior scientist in academic and commercial biotechnology and R&D. Her background has provided her with great insight into the development of natural cosmetics, including the healing properties of honey and other natural ingredients. In her travels, she found that many people yearned for an emotional connection to the Holy Land. Nazareth Secret was born out of the desire to help fulfill that connection.

In introducing the Nazareth Secret product line, Dr. Langer commented, “Willing to share the nature secrets of our surroundings, I decided recently to start a second career and founded Nazareth Secret which will bring, with carefully selected products, the aroma and flavor of Nazareth to you.”

Nazareth Secret offers gourmet foods, including honey, dates and halva spread, and other natural products locally-crafted in Nazareth, Israel.

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