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NCO Retail Defies Economy Downturn: Launching New Website to Help Struggling Consumers

While other retailers are cutting back and closing stores, one Plano based company is bucking the trend and expanding in the downturn.


Plano, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/29/2012 -- Not many companies are opening up new ventures right now. The economy is still in a downturn and many retailers in particular are feeling the pinch.

Sears has announced it is closing up to 150 stores; Wal-Mart and Best Buy are also cutting back on retail outlets and according to Michael Wiener, president of Excess Space Retail Services, up to 9000 retail stores will close in 2012. This figure does not include stores closing due to bankruptcy. All in all, it seems that the future for retail is bleak and it is time to re-trench, batten down the hatches and hope to weather the recession storm.

But this is the exact opposite of what NCO Retail is doing. This retailer has decided that the downturn is the perfect time to launch a new retail site.

Terry Yates, Director of Retail Sales, explains: "NCO has always been a progressive company. We are a new and exciting distribution company in the consumer electronics sector. We know that times are tough for retailers, but they are equally tough for consumers too. And just because money is tight, it won't stop televisions from breaking down and needing replacing. Students and the growing number of people working from home will still need to buy computers, software and accessories. There is still a demand for consumer electronics, but there is a gap between the price people are willing to pay and the sales prices currently being offered by our competitors.

"We decided that the time was right to launch a new website, NCO Retail, to offer customers quality consumer electronics at a discounted price."

But a discounted price does not mean a discounted service as Yates is keen to emphasise: "Customers will still get the same level of personalized attention that NCO has become renowned for: same-day shipping, expert sales support, no minimum order requirements and access to over 100 world-leading consumer electronic brands remain features of our new site. "

"We are proud of our reputation among consumers and want to develop this even further by helping them as much as we can during this downturn."

This seems a brave move on the part of NCO, but one they believe will pay off.

"Our research has shown that the consumer electronics marketplace is demanding change. To meet these demands, we are committed to maintaining competitive pricing and have worked diligently to maintain the ease of our one-stop shop. It has a wide focus within the consumer electronics, broadband, software, home entertainment media and accessory markets. We felt that given the tough economic conditions for many Americans, we could go further and take steps to offer our customers the high quality products they want to buy at a price they want to pay."

The company is proud to offer a number of Grand Opening specials, including free shipping on all purchases, a free Blu-Ray player with select televisions and many exciting gifts with select purchases.

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