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Nearly 100% of Adults Tolerate Dental Caries According to FDI World Dental Federation Report

According to the FDI World Dental Federation latest report, approximately 100% suffer from dental caries.


McAllen, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/02/2014 -- In connection with the celebration of World Oral Health Day, FDI World Dental Federation presented their latest report, emphasizing that almost 100% of adults suffer from dental caries. Thus, they found out that the results are millions of lost work hours.

US Research Company Gallup’s latest released figures indicate that many adults suffer from dental caries and almost one- third of the US population do not visit dentist once a year, although this is recommended. As a result of a dental visit problem, approximately 164, 179,700 hours of work were lost according to the Oral Health, US 2002 Annual Report.

On the other hand, the report of FDI entitled “Oral Health Worldwide: A Report by FDI World Dental Federation” highlights the 60% population who have access to oral care. This created an enormous gap between different populations. People with lower socio- economic status visited the dentist less often and have fewer fillings, more missing teeth, higher rates of caries and untreated decay and higher tobacco consumption, according to the FDI.

FDI recommended to have a strengthened, expanded, and improved quality dental health industry, and an increased number of oral health professionals to attain the training of the oral health workforce. Also, they were calling for the attention of an equal geographical distribution of oral health personnel, especially within developing countries, where the dentist-to-population ratio is about 1: 150,000 compared with approximately 1:2,000 in most industrialized countries.

Furthermore, FDI stresses that a solely curative approach to discussing the issue of oral health is neither realistic nor sustainable. The organization asserted that the prevention of oral diseases and promotion of oral health must be the top priority of national policies and programs. The FDI mentioned the importance of strengthened global and national surveillance, which primarily works on identifying the risk factors and oral health needs as basis for developing appropriate approaches and measures.

In addition, FDI reported that between 60% and 90% of children worldwide have also dental caries, which results to lost of a lot of school hours. They revealed that in the US, an estimated 1.6 million days of school are missed owing to oral disease.

In general, FDI World Dental Federation brings the people to the world of dentistry, represents the dental profession and mostly, stimulates and facilitates the exchange of information across all borders with the aim of optimal oral health.

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