Neat & Tidy Offers Vacuum Storage Bags at Great Prices and Free Delivery


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/20/2014 -- Neat & Tidy is established to offer top quality items selected from the best brands on the market. The company delivers ordered storage solutions by courier quickly and safe. It also provides people with the chance to get free products every month, believing in their best quality.

Neat&Tidy provides ultimate space saving vacuum storage bags that are perfect for home and travel use. The vacuum storage bags help people have an extra space and make their clothing and bedding neat and tidy.

Clients can choose from all the high quality brand vacuum bags at the most competitive online prices and free shipping. The Neat & Tidy multi functional solutions help customers with small storage spaces. Along with space saver roll bags, hanging vacuum storage bags, extra large bags, etc., there is vacuum storage Ottoman that looks as an extra seating or a side table offered at a discounted price of 10.99 pounds.

The company offers storage solutions of the following popular brands: Pack Mate, Spacebag, Storeasy.

Multiple happy customers use Neat&Tidy products for their saving storage needs. Some of them use these solutions for holidays and travelling, being able to change their luggage with a backpack, while others organize the mess in their bedrooms and wardrobes. These storage solutions allow them not only to fit the entire content of the shelf, but even some extras, too.

The Neat&Tidy vacuum storage bags are a very convenient way to store bulky clothes in houses where there is little storage space. These bags enable customers to save more than three times the space that the closet and bedding normally take. Instead of having three bulky sweaters on the shelf, customers may now store three times more clothes on the same space using the vacuum storage bags.

Besides people who are looking to gain some space in their closets and cupboards, the vacuum storage bags are really convenient solution for moving purposes. The large vacuum storage bags will help customers with moving to another house and future storage of all sheets, towels, clothing, etc, instead of shoving them in boxes or garbage bags. The vacuum storage bags not only make it possible to conveniently move the clothing and linens into the new place, but also keep them from rips, tears, dust, and dirt.

Below are just a few of the advantages that make people prefer to use these vacuum storage bags, besides those already mentioned above:

-They keep clothing and bedding free from odors, rodents and other animals, as the bag’s outside part is not easy to damage, being made from high quality materials.

-Water and moisture resistance

-Availability of these vacuum bags at affordable prices, etc.

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About Neat&Tidy
Neat&Tidy is a London based company that supplies storage solutions at the most affordable prices. With more than 10 years of experience in this field, the company has recently launched a range of sites under the Neat & Tidy brand name to get to more people who are looking for simple and quality storage products.