Neave Trio Seeks to Introduce a New Generation to Classical Music Through Their "Four Seasons" Film Series

Currently crowdfunding now through June 30th on Indiegogo in order to fund a series of four short films centered on the Tango Music of Argentinian composer, Astor Piazzolla.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2014 -- "Speaking of records, I know I sound like a broken one by saying this for the umpteenth time, but if I’ve claimed repeatedly that we are blessed to be living in a golden age of string playing and chamber music making, let me up the ante by saying that we have exceeded the gold standard and have now moved on to platinum. Yes, the Neave Trio is that good... They sent a tingling sensation up my spine.” - Fanfare Magazine

he Neave Trio is an internationally acclaimed Piano Trio comprised of violinist, Anna Williams, cellist, Mikhail Veselov, and pianist, Toni James, and the Fisch/Axelrod Trio In Residence at San Diego State University.

Engage, Exchange and Connect are the three verbs that motivate everything the Neave Trio does. They just strive to do this through Classical Music! They believe that the pieces of art that have the greatest impact are those that deeply Engage and inspire an Exchange between the audience and artist, and ultimately, through this shared experience, Connect people in a very profound way.

Their current project, ‘Four Seasons’ is a series of four short films centered on the music of the celebrated Argentinian composer, Astor Piazzolla and his composition “Estaciones Portenas” (“Four Seasons”). The Neave Trio’s hope in creating these films is to reach a wider audience - including a younger generation - in a new and more engaging way. The Trio hopes to bring this music to life for as many people as possible by combining the medium of classical music and film. They also hope that more people of all ages and interests will discover the rich world of classical music, and fall in love with it. They want more people to feel connected to the medium and to see it as applicable and relevant in their own lives.

The four films will be made widely available as well as be used for educational presentations, in live performance, and submissions in film festivals.

The Neave Trio is thrilled to be teamed up with NYC-based and internationally recognized production designer Elizabeth Caitlin Ward (who was one of the designers for the Opening Ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics, among many other accomplishments) and director/producer Roderick Hill (an alum of the prestigious Juilliard School and an accomplished actor/director.) Both of these wonderful artists were behind the creation of the critically acclaimed music video "Ghosts and Flowers" (which can be viewed on YouTube)

Their crowdfunding goal is $29,000 with all donations being tax deductible through the sound fiscal sponsorship of Fractured Atlas. So through the generous support from the public, backers of this campaign are not only making this project come to life in order to enchance the cultural reach of the masses but will also receive a break at tax time.

The Neave Trio couldn't be more excited to make this project come to life and hope that people will get excited about it along with them, helping to spread the word in "real time", and social media as well as donating

This campaign started on May 01 and will close on June 30, 2014 (11:59pm PT) and all donations are tax deductible.

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