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Delta, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2013 -- Legal Yogi would like to give some background on Florida drunk driving penalties and process:

- Types of Penalties
- Important To Avoid Drunk Driving
- The Necessity of Legal Help

Types of Penalties for Conviction

Penalties include fines, community service, probation, jail time, vehicle confiscation, and license revocation. Fines reach upwards of $500 to 1000$ and are doubled if blood alcohol content is over .15, and/or while with passengers under 21. A penalty might include community service for one’s town or a humanitarian organization of 50 hours or more. Offenders will probably undergo probation in conjunction with jail time of one year. For a first DUI charge, Jail time can reach up to 6 months. If BAC is above 0.15 with a minor in the vehicle, three months or more could be added to the sentence. With no penalty to one’s vehicle, impoundment doesn’t usually exceed 10 days. In most cases, licenses are suspended from180 to 365 days. For offenses alongside damages and injuries, penalties are obviously more. Official legal language can be found in chapter 316 Florida Statutes.

For later offenses, penalties express the lack of tolerance coming from all levels of the legal and domestic contingent about drunk driving in Florida. Offenders should dig hard for the best lawyer they can for these situations, as jail time is often the principal penalty.

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Avoiding the DUI In The First Place

The best advice to offer about the DUI is to be aware of its severity and avoid it at all costs. It takes few drinks to detect BAC. One shouldn’t think about getting behind the wheel of a car after significant drinking and without food. Driving can be affected by even the smallest amount. Most are poor judges of their intoxication, and it’s important to intervene with drinkers in social situations where drinking conflicts with transportation.

The immediate and subsequent dangers of DUI to everyone can be avoided with designated drivers or public transportation.

The Necessity of Legal Help

With the severity of DUI fines in the state of Florida, it is important to at least consult with a Florida drunk driving attorney about a DUI incident. Experienced Lawyers know the setup, the types of scenarios and the necessary defenses, whether the case can be overturned, or how best to settle.

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