Need Help Getting out of Debt Free? Get Grants to Pay off Debt Fast


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- Debt Repayment Grants
- Settlement Companies
- Credit Counseling Groups
- Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Grants for Debt Eradication

The federal government has grants to help get out of debt, and they’re for folks from all walks of life. Single mothers who need help can apply for a grant designed specifically for them. Disabled folks, also, have grant money awaiting them. College graduates, single fathers, and recently unemployed people can also access grants. Go to the government’s website and type in “grants to get out of debt” to find out what other money is just waiting to be utilized.

Debt Settlement

Debt settlement is a legal method by which creditors are paid off for less than what they’re owed. If there’s a need for help getting out of debt, this may be it. It works like this: A short-term trust account is set up, into which a client deposits money as often as he can until there’s enough to cover all of his debts. The debt company then contacts the creditors to ask what amount will suffice to consider the debt paid. Upon getting the answers, the money in the trust account is disbursed to the creditors and the debt is discharged.

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Credit Counseling Companies

These businesses advertise via all media, so there’s no dearth of them. They cannot provide help for getting out of debt free, but for a fee, they provide fiscal education and personal guidance to individuals. They’ll assist a person in improving his credit reports and score, and can offer sound advice about obtaining new credit. They must supply a contract to their clients before any services are imparted. Be careful of companies that demand steep up-front fees; they’re not legitimate, so avoid them.

File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can be a great tool for those who need help getting out of debt, especially when someone files for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Unlike Chapter 7, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is actually a 3 -5-year repayments plan which allows people the time they require to get caught up fiscally. In most cases, individuals do not lose their homes or vehicles through this process; they keep it and make payments for it over time.

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