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Divorce is a difficult process to go through, even if the parties involved are civil. For some women, it’s especially hard.


Delta, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/29/2013 -- This is a great bit of free divorce advice for women: Save up as much money as possible so the emotional, physical, and mental well-being of the family is taken care of throughout the divorce process. Keep the money in a separate account that no one else knows about, especially the husband. Be sure to include finances for a divorce attorney. If one must borrow from family or friends, sign a promissory note that indicates the loan will be repaid.

This is why is here to offer some help with divorce for women, such as:

- Save Up
- Create a Divorce Calendar
- Cut Down on Expenses
- Stages of Divorce

Start a “War Chest”

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Devise a Divorce Calendar

Some of the best divorce advice for women is to keep a divorce calendar. This is a calendar just for divorce appointments, etc. Use it to keep records of conversations with the husband and to mark court dates. It can be used in court as evidence if the spouse skipped an appointment or violated a court order. Keep track of meetings with the kids’ teachers, tutors, and doctors, as doing so will indicate to the court the amount of time one devotes to one’s children, which can help determine custody.

Reduce Expenses

When an income based on two adults becomes an income based on one adult it will result in not having enough money to keep things going. Some divorce advice for women includes possibly trading in one’s vehicle for a less expensive model or selling the house for a smaller one. Some concessions must be made to the change in lifestyle a divorce brings; reducing expenses is just one of them.

Phases of Divorce

The stages of divorce for women are similar to those that occur after someone dies. There’s denial, grief, sadness, shock, and acceptance, among others. No one goes through these stages in that exact order or in the same way, which is okay. Allow for them to come, work through them, and get ready for a new phase of life. To help get from here to there, join a divorce support group for women and lean on others who've walked the same path. Remember that it does get better as time goes by and one’s heart will not remain permanently broken.

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