Need Lawyers for Identity Theft? How to Find Local Lawyers by State

Millions of individuals are affected by identity theft every year. The crime is sometimes hard to detect, and can be very difficult to recover from, even with legal assistance.


Delta, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2013 -- Identity thieves are sneaky beings who have many ways to steal someone’s personal data. “Dumpster diving” - going through commercial-sized trash receptacles often found behind apartment buildings looking for any documents that have important information on them, “shoulder surfing” – peering over a credit card user’s shoulder to steal the number on the card – and “cyber stealing” – scanning the Internet for unsecured websites – are favorite ways to obtain someone’s private data. Hire a lawyer for identity theft if any of these methods has resulted in loss of personal info. has investigated lawyers for identity theft recovery, and would like to share what it has found, such as:

- How Identity Theft Happens
- Damage Sustained by ID Theft
- What Kind of Lawyer can Help
- How an Attorney can Assist a Victim

Methods of Identity Theft

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Damage Done by Identity Theft

Identity theft causes a great deal of damage to a person’s credit rating and his reputation. Victims of this felony spend up to 500 hours of their time and more than $2,500 to complete the recovery process. The emotional cost of ID theft is staggering. Targets of this crime often feel it is their fault somehow, which makes them feel foolish. Lawyers for identity theft victims can help these people deal with the creditors that keep hounding them for payment of accounts they never opened.

Type of Attorney to Hire

If someone opened the phone book and looked for a lawyer for identity theft recovery, he would not find what he’s searching for. He needs a criminal attorney - one who specializes in identity theft. Finding one of those will be less difficult. As in all new situations, the person should do some research on the lawyers he finds, as he wants to be sure he and the attorney are a good match.

What a Lawyer can Do for a Victim

Removing inaccurate information from someone’s credit reports is a major part of what lawyers for identity theft casualties do. When an ID thief has used the information he’s stolen to open new credit accounts, it shows up on the victim’s credit reports when the thief defaults on payment. This damages the wounded party’s credit rating. An attorney can address this with the credit bureaus and help get the fraudulent items removed. He can also stand up for an identity theft victim who is being sued by his creditors.

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