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Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2014 -- Multi-level marketing also known as affiliate marketing, pyramid selling and known by a host of other names has been tarnished by improper use of marketing channels used in this format. People who have jumped on board have not seen any concrete results as promised and those who are interested to participate are on the fence given the bad reputation it has gained over the years. The bad press that has surrounded multi-level marketing has stopped it from attaining its true potential.

The fact is that multi-level marketing is probably one of the most efficient ways to make money considering how versatile the earnings are. That said if the start is not right, things can spiral down and lead to a great deal of stress and frustration. To end the agony and give potential marketers, a great platform to start making money, Joe Magana from has stepped in.

Joe Magana was once an aspiring marketer and he has travelled the road of multi-level marketing right from the very beginning when the concept was picking up steam. This gives Joe, the authority and the experience to share his knowledge with the world through consultations.

Joe introduces marketers to topics which actually help achieve results in terms of income earnings. Unlike the other programs where the individual is sucked into a loop leaving him high and dry with no real knowledge to implement, Joe has a completely different outlook on how to use this form of marketing to one’s advantage.

Through, Joe conducts webinars and also offers one on one session to educate marketers about the avenues for growth. Considering Joe has earned a fortune using multi-level marketing, it is prudent to follow his lead.

About in an online learning platform established to help businesses and individuals start with their right foot forward. The website addresses apprehensions and concerns an individual might have about network marketing. It also has pages that share success stories of leaders who are now referred to as the best source of information. Joe Magana features on this list with his tips on how to get started and invest in personal growth along the road. To know more about multi-level marketing and understand Joe’s take on it, please visit,

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