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Need Monochromatic Representation of a Laughing Gull's Fly By? Dennis Frates Helps to Achive That

Laughing Gull Flies by Virgin Islands


Wilsonville, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2014 -- There is something about a black and white image that evokes more than meets the eye. Photographs were black and white for most of the people in the world till almost eighty years ago. But when they burst into colour, black and white was first relegated to nostalgia and ignored. And as quickly as it was cast aside by neo-conformists, black and white returned with new meaning and context into the photographers’ world. It is now an art form in itself. Dennis Frates monochromatic representation of a laughing gull’s fly by, with the Virgin Islands forming the background, and a lone yacht moving towards the horizon is a timeless example.

Capturing a bird on camera is a challenge in itself. Capturing one in flight takes an expert, without question. But capturing a bird in flight, with such clarity, and yet managing to place it beautifully in a perfect frame takes rare instinct. Even a cursory question like ‘how was this photograph taken’, is bound to take one through a list of possible scenarios, where many of the factors in the photograph are beyond one’s control. It is simply a matter of being in the right place, at the right time, and getting into the zone. Unless the photographer was ready for that very moment, keeping the bird in focus, while bringing together the islands, the yacht, the sea and the sun’s reflection on the water, would have been next to impossible. Little wonder then, that Dennis Frates has contributed many photographs on these lines to National Geographic.

In the photograph, the laughing gull gives the impression of acknowledging the photographer’s presence, in mid-flight, while on its way to the horizon. This makes it one of those rare black and white pieces that do not try to pull the viewer into its world. In fact, this photograph gives a stark reminder to the viewer, that he/she is an outsider, looking in. the viewer can never be part of the scene. Despite the fact that Dennis Frates breaks the status quo, the image in question does not fail to capture one’s imagination.

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David Frates is an award winning photographer whose works have been featured in National Geographic, Sierra Club and Audubon.

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