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Need Spa Like Experience Right at Home? ThermaRobe Is One of the Most Therapeutic Product to Choose

Wireless Therma Robes with Heating Elements that Relax and Soothe the Body


San Ramon, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/01/2014 -- It is no exaggeration to say that Therma Robe is one of the coolest and the most sensational product that is available these days in the bed and bath collection. This product is a result of extensive research and development. The Therma Robe is by far the warmest, luxurious and therapeutic bathrobe ever that offers a spa like experience right at home. These are designed for chilly climates to keep people warm and cozy. These robes have carbon fiber heating elements inside the fabric. These elements can heat up quickly and maintain that temperature for about 6 hours on one charge of the lightweight lithium ion battery.

This portable heated robe can be used any time be it early in the mornings after a fresh shower, during the day as well as night time after a hard day’s work. It is a perfect robe for relaxing and having a spa like treatment right at home. This therma robe comes with four small heating pads that can be adjusted and moved to different areas of the robe such as shoulders, lower area, mid, upper back and upper chest. The robes are made up of 100% cotton fabric that is gentle and soft on bare skin as well. The heating pads produce soft and light heat which causes no harm to the skin.

These robes don’t just provide warmth to the body when it is cold but also relax the muscles and also relieve muscular aches if any. The Professional Spa Grade Design that is incorporated in these bathrobes helps reduce neck, shoulder or back pains. Women can particularly use them during their menstrual period to avoid discomfort. The robes provide Heat Therapy to the body that aid in relieving stress in both body and mind. These bathrobes are perfect solutions for stepping out of showers without having to worry about those scary cold shivers most common in cold regions. Easy to maintain and simple to use, these therma robes are going to make their way to countless wardrobes in no time.

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Therma Robe, based at San Ramon, California that offers exclusive products that enhance the lifestyle of the individuals. The company offers products such as air purifiers, eyes & forehead massager and therma robes.

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