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Need Swag? ‘Swagmatic’ Helps Businesses Get the Promotional Items They Need to Help Make a Memorable Impression


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2011 -- Business owners often like to have promotional items on hand that they can give to their clients and customers. People who attend trade shows typically walk away with a variety of items personalized with the logos of various companies. And company representatives usually want to leave a reminder of their business name with a potential new client.

What these three situations have in common is something known as “swag”—giveaway items that are handed out to help people remember a company name.

Although there are many reasons for needing to purchase some swag, knowing what to order and how to best personalize it can be challenging.

Swagmatic, a website that has recently attracted a great deal of attention, offers an incredible amount of promotional items, corporate gifts, trade show giveaways and other custom promotional products. Its friendly and helpful team of customer service representatives work hard to make sure all their clients get exactly the type of swag they need.

Swagmatic has hundreds of thousands of promo items available to suit the needs of anyone, from water bottles with a company logo on them to tote bags emblazoned with a business name and phone number, to puzzles, mugs, and more.

“The Swagmatic team has over 12 years of experience in the promotional items industry,” the company website states.

“We put our skills and experience in brand recognition and swag based marketing to work when promoting your brand through our products.”

Using the website is easy and user-friendly; the only difficult part might be deciding which items to buy first! Clicking on “Browse Products” will bring customers to a page featuring a large color photo of several examples of the popular swag choices Swagmatic sells. Click on the image and you'll be presented with a wide assortment of featured products and creative corporate gifts.

The website also explains why and how corporate gifts and promotional items that are both unique and useful are an ideal way to make sure that a business name will be remembered by clients.

“Practical gifts, such as pens and mugs, are adorned with your company's logo. This ensures that your brand name is always visible to your customers because they're likely to actually use those items in everyday life.”

About Swagmatic:
The Swagmatic team has 12-plus years of experience working in the promotional items business. The website features over 500,000 products that are sure to make a memorable impression on customers and clients. Swagmatic specializes in helping its customers decide on the perfect swag gifts that will please any client. For more information, please visit http://swagmatic.com