Seo Experts Announces Reputation Management Service


Boston, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/15/2013 -- has launched a new service that caters to clients whose online reputations are in jeopardy. The service is in demand largely because it is virtually impossible to quash damaging information about a business or an individual once it is published online.

Sloane Channing, an expert in the field of reputation management and founding partner of Negative SEO Guy, explains: ‘The concept of rep management is fairly self-explanatory, and mainly involves casting a client in a more flattering light by building positive news around their name.’ Business reputation management is treated in a highly confidential manner and occasionally involves legal measures; Channing retains an attorney for such cases.

The majority of the work the company does focuses upon: analyzing client needs, developing a reputation management strategy, responding quickly to past and future liabilities, monitoring new information about the client online, and monthly reporting.

In the wake of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, some have chosen not to build a profile in order to avoid the risk of inadvertently ruining their reputation. Nonetheless, some individuals have no choice. Due to their history, their family or their business, they are part of the internet’s memory, good or bad, due to others who have thrust them into the spotlight. Mugshots, Ripoff Reports, and negative reviews of their business on sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor can haunt them for years and, in some cases, bankrupt them.

Negative SEO Guy has positioned itself as an ideal solution within this large vertical space where SEO intersects with commerce and personal opinion. While freedom of speech allows individuals to say what they like about a person or a business online—as long as it is not defamatory, threatening or libelous—that same freedom affords companies like Negative SEO Guy the right to take countermeasures against those who seek to damage the reputation of privative individuals and companies.

The new online reputation management (ORM) service allows businesses to amplify their professional presence online and it gives individuals an opportunity to rewrite and curate the information that appears online.

About Negative SEO Guy
The brainchild of Sloane and Marcus Channing, Negative SEO Guy is a boutique reputation management company located in Boston. Formed in 2011, the company specializes in helping businesses and private individuals position themselves in a flattering light.

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