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Neglecting Sore Muscles Could Potentially Lead to Chronic Pain


Columbus, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/06/2016 -- After a large workout or playing a game of sport there is a high chance that you will fall victim to having sore muscles. A recent study has identified that leaving your muscles to recover without myofascial therapy could be doing serious damage and result in chronic pain.

Myofascial release refers to relaxing contacted muscles by encouraging blood flow and lymphatic circulation. In other words, a massage. Massaging our sore muscles is something that many people often assume is just to provide temporary relief or associate with luxury and relaxation, however that is not always the case.

A study conducted at the Miami Medical University trialled and examined a test across 11 men. The 11 men were put through vigorous exercises that would cause leg muscle to contract or tighten up. After the workout was complete all 11 men had just 1 leg massaged.

The finding were very insightful. While it was no surprise that the men reported the massage leg had a faster recovery. A medical analysis revealed that in the massaged leg had more protein produced which not only could speed up the recovery but enhance the muscle growth and consequently make the workout potentially more effective.

If your muscles are not able to recover properly or produce the needed protein to repair itself the individual could experience chronic pain or tissue damage. 'Massaging your muscles after a intense workout is a great way to thank your muscles' said Elizabeth Stonewood from Supreme Squeeze. 'By looking after our muscles, they will look after us in return.'

'We all wish we could have a massage every day but unfortunately that just is not realistic,' explains Elizabeth. More and more athletes and fitness enthusiasts are starting to use different tools for myofascial release including lacrosse massage balls and foam rollers. Massage sessions only need to be a few minutes after a workout and are also recommended by many health professionals to use on tight and tender muscles after a long day at work or even cleaning the house.

Massage tools are easy to use alone and won't burn your bank account. The Supreme Squeeze massage ball set has been designed to suit most with a variety of ball densities made up of 2 spiky balls and 1 lacrosse ball. Many happy customers have shared rave reviews about the Supreme Squeeze massage balls helping them to relieve pain and speed up recovery. (

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