NeighborMD Provides Extensive Healthcare Services

Along with value-based solutions, NeighborMD offers a comprehensive array of services all based around addressing today’s modern healthcare and patient needs.


Plantation, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2021 -- When a client has critical care needs or hospitalization, NeighborMD will manage care. Access for ICU and chronically ill patients to case management services is available. The Chronic Care Management systems of NeighborMD are structured to be patient-centric and convenient to use. A Health Coach and a Primary Care doctor lead the personal care staff to have all the resources required to treat chronic illnesses.

In order to build social and physical conditions that create healthy health for all, NeighborMD emphasizes the importance of discussing the social determinants of health. NeighborMD has services and initiatives that impact people, households, and neighborhoods in terms of health. Acting on shared interests for patients and caregivers and creating positive relationships to enhance partnership prospects.

NeighborMD uses an electronic health record that handles and compiles reports on an ongoing basis and tracks the health experience. The personal care staff regularly updates patient data that relates to a high quality of care and medical needs compliance.

For practices in its Florida and Georgia markets, NeighborMD Management offers leasing, coding, consistency and medical management services.

About NeighborMD
Founded in 2020 by veteran healthcare leaders with a proven track record of success, NeighborMD provides an innovative model integrated with robust technology that delivers high-quality results and outcomes. NeighboRMD is dedicated to making the healthcare experience easy to use and it understands the value of community-based, patient-centered primary care. Utilization management, analytics, clinical innovations, and value-based solutions are among the services offered. For more information on NeighborMD or MSO services, please call 888-501-1105.