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Neil Dhillon Discusses the Impact of Lobbyists in Washington


Washington, DC -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2015 -- The term "lobbyist" is often misunderstood by the average person, according to Neil Dhillon, professional lobbyist and leader in global affairs and public relations. "Lobbyists have an image of simply running after legislators and promising them favors in return for votes, but that image is untrue," says Dhillon, a former Chief of Staff for Congressman Bob Matsui who also worked closely with the Clinton White House. "What a lobbyist actually does is brings together people who have common interests in various outcomes and facilitates those relationships so that everyone benefits."

According to Dhillon, on the web at, lobbyists are often lumped together with others who put pressure on legislators to pass certain bills, such as special interest groups, political action committees or PACs and 527 groups. "Each of these entities functions just a little differently in the political scene," notes Dhillon. "Special interest groups, for example, often coalesce around a single cause or point of view. For example, there are groups that discuss Congressional voting on women's rights issues. These groups are not concerned, for the most part, with any outcomes that do not impact their particular cause.

"PACs, on the other hand, are often founded with several goals in mind; some of these goals may be quite different from others. A PAC could be funded by unions, by a corporation or even by a wealthy individual. Finally, a 527 group is an organization that is specifically set up under the tax code to take in donations for a particular group or cause. These groups swing great weight in some cases because they can collect almost unlimited funds for their cause or candidate."

As a lobbyist, Dhillon has worked with legislators on both sides of the aisle, bringing together everyone for a common cause. "Lobbyists tend to be more rounded than these other types of groups," notes Dhillon. "We often see a more global perspective on issues and are able to create a rapport with those of different parties and backgrounds."

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