Neilson Marketing Services Launches's Consult a Doctor Plus (CADR+), a Premiere Telemedicine Product

Telemedicine provider’s brand-new website highlights CADR+, a wellness strategy intended to have an immediate effect on a company’s healthcare expenses. This service is meant to serve as a supplement to a standard healthcare plan and not intended to replace health insurance.


Laguna Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/19/2014 -- Neilson Marketing Services is proud to announce the launch of Consult-A-Doctor Plus through EverydayMD.COM. CADR+ is a Teledoc product that utilizes technology to provide immediate access to healthcare and other personal services to save employers time and money.

Telemedicine has been shown to reduce the cost of healthcare and increase efficiency through better management of chronic diseases, shared health professional staffing, reduced travel times, and fewer or shorter hospital stays. In addition to supporting the reduction of healthcare costs by adopting telehealth services, brokers have a unique value proposition with CADR+. From extensive administrative support to hands-on sales support, CADR+ helps brokers to drive utilization and focus on client retention.

“We’re excited about the broad range of products and to show our clients how the new CADR+ services can help them gain a competitive advantage,” says Neilson Marketing Services President Jeff Neilson. “We look forward to showing our clients how we can help grow their business in today’s environment and into the future”

Additional CADR+ services include telephone consultations, patient advocacy, legal services, financial services, discounted health cards, and more. Visit our new CADR+ website to learn more about the services we offer, and how this program will benefit not only brokers, but their clients and clients’ employees.

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Neilson Marketing Services, a leading insurance marketing firm with a strong 25-year reputation in the industry, is the exclusive distributor of the CADR+ product. Neilson Marketing Services delivers game-changing products and services to help the insurance industry gain revenue, profitability, and client retention.

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