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Incredible Cross-Browser Extension Platform Specially Created for Publishers Is Recently Launched by Macte! Labs Inc. at


New Westminster, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2014 -- Macte! Labs is an established software provider that develops advanced sidebars, toolbars and other useful extensions for the most popular and widely used browsers Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Opera. Working since 2009, they have developed a proprietary platform that allows them to make a great variety of attractive and stable extensions, being among the leaders on the market.

With NeoBars, customers can easily create required browser extensions in just 3 to 5 clicks. Some of the features of D-Some include:

- Compatibility in multiple browsers that are mostly used by the customers, i.e. Safari,

Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and Chrome, including their new versions, so the users are assured that their extensions will work efficiently, without any problems.

- When the company makes some kind of changes, all their customers will get automatically extension update without having to pay additional fees for this service.

- Both Windows and Mac OS users can enjoy the installers created by the company.

- A plethora of different widgets that can be very useful and effective are updated on a regular basis, so the customers are assured that they will always get the most recent version.

- Publishers can use analytics, which will allow them to keep track of the main indicators, while using their extensions.

Along with these incredible features, there are multiple benefits of using the NeoBars services. Some of these are that they are free to use and do not require any special development skills to build an extension, as the visual blocks are extremely user-friendly and can be beneficial for all website owners. The company also offers user notifications and branding through extended tools, as well as solutions for extra monetizing for higher traffic. Users who have some developer skills can easily customize their extensions with Javascript, so they perfectly fit their needs.

The unique NeoBars platform enables customers to make browser extensions of different kinds including InfoBars (Toolbars), Notifiers, Toolbars. Clients, who would like to opt for toolbars, will be able to easily create appealing toolbars that feature many useful widgets along with their own brand. No special programming or technical skills are necessary for its development. The end users will have a direct access to the desired website.

If customers would like to notify the end users of the most recent news or to show them content of any kind in a pop-up window, they can make use of efficient notifiers that NeoBars offers. They also do not require programming skills and the pop-up function appears in the browser corner in a special browser button.

These tools and extensions are a great way to popularize the owner’s website and brand, as the users will see it on every webpage. All publishers, who are interested in different solutions and extensions, provided by Macte! Labs, can visit to find out more.

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Macte! Labs ( has created proprietary platform and is specialized in sidebars, toolbars, and other different extensions development. They can conveniently be used in all popular web browsers.