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Impressive Trends and Future Scope of Neonatal Transilluminators Market


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2020 -- Neonatal Transilluminators Market: Introduction: Transilluminator helps to locate tiny veins in a neonate's small limbs for improved insertion of an IV for emergency aspiration of a suspected pneumothorax possible diagnosed after transillumination. The skin barrier begins to function in utero; at 24 weeks' gestation, the skin appears red, wrinkled, shiny, and transparent. The associated stratum corneum (SC) is only one or two cell layers thick, and dermal elastic fibers are sparse in distribution.

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In addition, integrity of the dermal – epidermal junction is poorly developed. Each of these factors contribute to abnormal skin physiology. Babies with neonatal jaundice are far more likely to develop hyperbilirubinemia that can lead to neurological damage or even premature death. Rapid technological innovations are predicted to favor companies investing in user-friendly control panel phototherapy devices and blue spectrum radiation sources.

The light shows cool effects and are strong enough to illuminate the hardest to find veins without the risk of burning the baby. Transilluminator is a light source that transmits light through tissues to aid in the examination of patients. It is used to find veins, arteries, and other internal structures. This innovative vein finder features LED light is cool to the touch for patient safety. It has multiple light settings for user preference, including forward facing white lights, upward facing white lights, and upward facing red lights. It has compact size and ergonomic design for easy use.

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Key Drivers of Global Neonatal Transilluminators Market

Rise in Prevalence of Neonatal Hospital-acquired Infections and Awareness about Neonatal Health & Care Equipment

Hospital-acquired (nosocomial) infection is a primary problem for premature infants and for term infants with medical disorders requiring prolonged hospitalization
Healthy, term neonates have infection rates < 1%. For neonates in special care nurseries, the incidence increases as birth weight decreases.
Most common nosocomial infections are central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI) and hospital-acquired pneumonia
Technological Advancements in Neonatal Infant Care Devices

Chances of survival for preterm infants increased with the development of infant incubator. Further, preterm infants were able to survive by the use of a mechanical ventilator specifically designed for neonates.
The technology in neonatology is in the continuous process of development. Preterm infants are now protected by a double-walled servo-controlled incubator, and more sophisticated mechanical ventilators are used with built-in algorithms guaranteeing that even the smallest tidal volumes can be delivered in a safe manner.
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North America to Hold Major Share of Global Neonatal Transilluminators Market

North America is expected to hold a major share of the global neonatal transilluminators market during the forecast period. It can be attributed to the increasing demand for technologically advanced devices, development of well-equipped neonatal intensive care units, rising number of preterm births, and surge in the number of device approvals from regulatory agencies.
Neonatal transilluminators market in Asia Pacific is projected to expand at a rapid pace during the forecast period due to the growing trend of preventive health care measures
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Key Players Operating in Global Market

The global neonatal transilluminators market is highly concentrated due to a strong presence of a few key players. Several manufacturers hold major share of the market in their respective regions. Leading players operating in the global neonatal transilluminators market are:

GE Healthcare
Koninklijke Philips N.V.
AVI Healthcare
nice Neotech Medical
Stihler Electronic
Global Neonatal Transilluminators Market: Research Scope

Global Neonatal Transilluminators Market, by Product

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Global Neonatal Transilluminators Market, by Region

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Asia Pacific
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Latin America
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Middle East & Africa
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