Neopian Royalty Highlights Neopets and All Other Most Dominant Websites That Created a Global Phenomenon in the Past 25 Years


Boston, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2016 -- The World Wide Web has been around changing the lives of people for over 25 years by affecting how people work, play and shop using the internet technology. It has been amazing how different industries like health, business, telecommunications, entertainment, etc.

Here are some of the most powerful websites that have become very influential for the past 25 years:

The Amazon

This website was launched in 1995 primarily as an online bookstore which has evolved into selling videos and later catered to almost everything else. The Amazon website has absolutely changed the way people shop; and because of user reviews, the developers of the website and other industries like the Trip Advisor have been greatly influenced, more and more websites of the same niche have unearthed.

The AuctionWeb

The AuctionWeb was also launched in the year 1995 and has evolved to one of the most popular online shopping networks called "Ebay". The renaming of the website took place in 1997 because it has been one of the most remarkable survivors of the "dot com crash". Currently, eBay is known to be the most prominent and high-ranking internet startups which are worth more than $69bn.

The Hotmail

Hotmail was launched in 1996 as a web-base email server which has absolutely helped businesses way back then. Hotmail has been acquired by Microsoft in the year 1997 with the amount of $400M. And in time, it has been changed to Microsoft Outlook to give its users simpler and convenient experience.


Jimmy Wales who has been having difficulties going through the encyclopedia which most of the time provides outdated information; this then led him to the development of Wikipedia in 2001. Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia wherein users can freely edit and update the information. In fact, Wikipedia is on the top most visited websites all across the globe.


The was the one which started it all before iTunes and Napster have made the waves in providing MP3 digital music. This site has been useful in the entertainment industry and has, in fact, raised the income of over $370M in 1999. However, because of some licensing issues, the site was bought by CNET in 2003 in the amount of $370M.

The Neopets

This website actually started in a small computer room in Surrey in 1997 but was launched two (2) years later. The exhilaration of adopting a virtual pet, play with it and earn neopoints which you can purchase virtual merchandise and food with, has made it awesomely popular especially for child and adult entertainment alike. However, in 2005, Neopets was taken over by Viacom during the peak of its fame and recognition for the amount of $160M. The site has up to the present been popular and influential that a massive number of sites offering players to buy neopoints have emerged.


This website is absolutely, without contest, the most influential of all the websites ever created in the World Wide Web in the year 1998. And up to this date, it is the most visited website worldwide. From the search engine concept down to the SEO global phenomenon, Google has absolutely changed people's lives.

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