Nerd T-Shirts UK Take the Market by Storm with 3D Illusion Prints


South Yorkshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2013 -- Giving a whole new definition to the popular geek idea, a website called Nerd T Shirts UK has taken the fashion world by storm. T-shirts with nerdy statements have been a popular favorite among the casual dresser not just in UK but also around the word. Therefore, although many sites have been great sellers, none has been able to get the media spotlight until now.

This particular website made a bold statement by managing to redefine the nerd t-shirts worn around the globe. Bold statements that have a subtle x-rated tone yet lies within the appropriate zone have managed to convert formal dressers as well. Most importantly it has created a buzz as to which company is selling such ‘stand out’ t-shirts.

Another buzz creator about this website is the almost 3D like illusion prints on the t-shirt. A visit to the manufacturing area has shown that the Anvil Ultra t-shirts do all prints. This is cent percent cotton and rates the top in comfort just as all t-shirts should be. Needless to say, it is soft on the skin. Interviews with some of the customers have confessed that print or not, they would buy the t-shirts anyway because it is extremely soft on the skin.

Recently, the Nerd T-Shirts UK has also shown a new take on their prints. The prints show the latest take on music, comics, video games, sci-fi, popular TV shows, pop arts and so on. The year 2013 saw a great sale in these prints when they were taken to a whole new level of not just sarcasm but also irony. The last two years have shown great subtlety in the way they print their statements. Smaller pictures so that they are not completely in your face. Yet the statements although small and subtle are quite in your face. To get more information please go to

Nerd T-shirt UK stands out for selling unique nerd t-shirts. This website does not just blindly follow brands. Instead, t-shirts are handpicked for their stand out quality and quotes.

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