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NES Mobile Announces Affordable New Phone Rental and SIM Plans for Visitors to Israel

Company's cost-effective new plans allow customers to avoid high roaming fees while virtual numbers make it easy for others to contact them when they are away, NES Mobile reports


Bergenfield, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2014 -- Cell phone provider NES Mobile announced a number of new plans for the company's customers who visit or reside temporarily in Israel. The new plans allow customers living anywhere in the world to easily avoid the high roaming fees typically charged by providers in their home countries when their usual phones are used in Israel. NES Mobile customers may also tie phones or SIM cards obtained through the new plans to virtual numbers based in the United States or United Kingdom, a feature which allows callers to those customers to conveniently reach them in Israel at low prices. NES Mobile is a leading provider of cell phone solutions for people traveling to or staying temporarily in Israel, including students and tourists.

"After the great reception our Israel-based rental phones and SIM cards have been receiving," NES Mobile representative Ben Abrams said, "we're happy to be able to announce a number of new plans that make them even more affordable than before." American cell phone network operators may charge subscribers roaming fees as high as $3.59 per minute of voice calling or $20 per megabyte of data usage when their phones are used in roaming mode on networks in Israel. This issue has long been a point of concern for students, tourists, and businesspeople who frequently spend time in that country while living most of the year in countries abroad. NES Mobile has been one of the first companies to address this issue in an effective, affordable way, by providing cell phone rentals and SIM cards which work natively on Israeli cell phone networks, ruling out high roaming fees.

The products offered by NES Mobile through the company's new plans can be delivered to locations in the United States or else picked up when customers arrive in Israel. In addition to being extremely flexible in this regard, NES Mobile's plans offer a high degree of choice with regard to minutes and data usage allotted, ensuring that everyone from students who spend a long time in Israel to those only visiting briefly will be able to find one perfectly suited to them. NES Mobile also offers a wide variety of top-quality rental phones, and those with SIM-capable phones which are not locked to particular carriers may obtain an Israel SIM card from the company which will enable them to use those phones within the country. In addition, all of NES Mobile's plans make use of the network of Cellcom, the most extensive and reliable in Israel.

"We've been the top provider of cell phones and data connectivity to travelers to Israel for some time now," Abrams added, "and we're proud to be able to increase our lead further with our new, even more competitive plans." Those interested in learning more about NES Mobile's new plans and options can do so at the company's website, where a variety of common questions are answered and rental and other arrangements may be made.

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