Net Lender Opens Up New Vistas for Car Title Loans in Berkeley, California


Sacramento, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2014 -- Net Lender, the nation’s foremost car title lender has announced the opening of a new retail outlet in Berkeley, California bringing the advantages of improved and streamlined auto title loans to the denizens of this dynamic city straddling the San Francisco Bay. Title loans have positioned themselves squarely as viable and affordable alternatives to availing bank finance for covering a person’s short term financial needs, and Net Lender is right up there in the new pantheon of loan options that consumers can avail when they experience cash shortages and banks deny them small loans to tide over their funds crisis.

Auto title loans are easier options to avail for consumers especially when larger financial institutions discourage smaller loans for shorter tenures. Title loans are based on the security of one’s car title documents and all that a consumer needs to provide are title papers that clearly and conclusively prove that they own their car and have a clear title bereft of any prior loans or liens. Besides the car ownership papers consumers also need to provide some proof that they enjoy a steady income that could be sourced from permanent or even part time jobs.

Net Lender makes a cool change from the classic bank stand that bad credit customers are not eligible for loans or even if they are eligible they need to pay harsher interest rates; Net Lender encourages bad credit clients to approach the company for fresh loans and the only condition is that customers show they are capable of shouldering the new repayment obligations.

The process of applying for title loan has been simplified to a great extent and customers can apply for the loans online through Net Lender’s website using the easy instant quote tool which generates quotes on entering basic personal data. Customers are guaranteed loans aggregating almost 60% of their car’s current commercial value, and provided they have the income and repaying ability the upper loan ceiling is inked directly to the car’s current value. This means consumers can take home bigger loan amounts that should take care of all their basic needs in a crisis situation.

A major plus point for Berkeley customers is that the interest rate quoted by title loans is well within 22% APR, a rate that is very reasonable and affordable when compared with payday loans and bank personal loans. Net Lender says it molds the repayment schedule to the customer’s income and repaying ability and this major concession accounts for the absence of loan default. The company maintains that their systems, procedures and regulations are transparent and free of burdensome hidden charges and penalties or processing fees. As proof of their genuineness the company states that their clients follow an amortized repayment schedule and there are no balloon payments or unexpected expenses even if the loans are closed prematurely.

For Berkeley customers the options are as clear as daylight – get online and confirm their loan eligibility; submit necessary proofs for income, residence and car ownership and sit back while a mechanic checks the retail value of the car, fixes the loan amount and disburses cash within forty five minutes. Berkeley customers are in for a happier season where they can now fully meet their financial needs courtesy Net lender.

About Net Lender
Net Lender is a trusted and reputed title lending company that has made great progress in molding an efficient and timely cash payment system through car title loans that are serviced by skilled and customer friendly staff. It makes it a lot easier for customers to access its web interface and it provides as many as ten retail outlets within California to service customer needs. They have a simple and cost effective system that makes it easy for customers to apply loans, put through approvals and get their hands on cash quickly in a financial crisis. The online instant quote tool confirms customer’s eligibility in seconds and there is no waiting period for approvals. What’s more the clients with poor credit backgrounds or bankruptcies need not fear that they will be denied loans.

Net Lender is located in 716 10th Street #3, Sacramento, Ca, 95814 and can be contacted at the following number: +1 916-273-4512. If you are interested in knowing more about Net Lender and how you can access their pawn car title loans and latest offers log into