Netfloor USA to Release Premium Access Floor Coverings


Charlotte, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/01/2013 -- NetfloorUSA, a company providing high quality access flooring products, is releasing premium access floor coverings, which include wood grain, coconut, bamboo and terrazzo finishes, for their line of low profile cable management floor. These coverings are specially designed for access floor applications.

NetfloorUSA offers the widest range of specialty raised access floor products, which can be used in countless applications including offices, hotels, hospitals, retail stores, command and control centers, data centers and dispatch centers. These premium access floor toppings are made to greatly enhance the look of a building.

With the addition of premium access floor coverings, the cable management benefits of access floor can now be realized in many applications and building types, instead of industrial only applications. Many of the premium access floor coverings have anti-static capabilities, reducing the risk of electro static discharge (ESD) events, thus protecting sensitive electronics.

The new access floor coverings from NetfloorUSA bring many new looks and styles to the design industry. With several types and colors of wood, terrazzo and tile finishes, interiors spaces become warmer, cleaner and more inviting than before, with traditional access floor colors and finishes.

NetfloorUSA also offers various types of access floor systems including CamassCrete, ECO, and STACO series floors, with a height range of 1.5 inches to over 4 feet.

About NetflooeUSA
NetfloorUSA is an installation, sales, and full service access flooring company, which aims to provide the best raised access floor systems available. It has a team of highly experienced and skilled staff that perform site evaluations, CAD design and installation services. NetfloorUSA works in several industries including mission critical, retail, commercial, institutional, healthcare, and more.

Company: NetfloorUSA
Address: 8116 S. Tryon Street, Suite B3#277
Charlotte, NC 28273
Telephone No.: 866-986-2661
Fax No.: 919-590-1636

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