Netherlands Startup Groceaider Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Purchase the Nissan E-NV200 Electric Van with a View to Make Zero Emission Deliveries of Organic Groceries

Groceaider, a Netherlands-based startup, has launched a fundraising campaign on crowdfunding site Indiegogo to raise capital for purchasing the eco-friendly electric van by Nissan. The campaign is driven by Groceaider's vow of providing door-to-door deliveries of organic food and groceries to homes and businesses without using vehicles that emit carbon dioxide and pollute the environment.


Rotterdam, South Holland -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2014 -- Environment protection is at the heart of the business ethics of organic products retailer Groceaider. The Netherlands-based bio shop, which plans to bring online-ordered organic groceries to consumers' doorsteps, has committed to making only zero emission deliveries. It has launched a campaign on popular crowd-funding platform Indiegogo to raise funds for purchasing a Nissan e-NV200 electric van.

The Groceaider electric-van fundraising campaign commenced on September 10, and will continue through November 09, 2014. The goal is to raise €25,000 – the cost of the Nissan e-NV200 electric van. Diesel and gasoline-based vehicles emit carbon dioxide in large quantities. These emissions deteriorate the quality of air we breathe and contribute to global warming by increasing the greenhouse effect.

Cars in fact, account for 12 percent of the total carbon dioxide emissions in the European Union. They contribute to extreme weather changes, unhealthy breathing air and loss of ecosystems – a fact that is not lost on Groceaider. The electric van will allow the startup to provide the health benefits of 100 percent organic products and the convenience of online shopping to its customers, while staying true to its mission of climate protection.

Contributions will not go unrewarded. Apart from their gratitude - an appreciation note thanking all contributors, Groceaider has put up a range of organic food delights to reward patrons for donating toward a healthier environment. These include 40-pack organic sugar and eight-pack organic potato dumplings for donations of €30 and €32 respectively. 10-pack organic crepes and 10-pack organic pizza crust will be delivered to contributors who pledge €33 and €34 respectively. 25-pack organic puddings and 10-pack organic potato pancakes can be accordingly claimed by patrons pledging €35 and €36.

About Groceaider
Groceaider has also called upon citizens to contribute to greener environment in ways other than monetary donations. Suggestions include raising awareness about the campaign, or about environment protection in general, by word of mouth or through Indiegogo's social sharing tools and email. Working men and women have been encouraged to communicate the same to their company fleet managers and drive a shift towards electric vehicles. The company believes in working together with customers to make the world greener.

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