Joe Bragg Releases Most Advanced Cell Phone Tracking Software Ever


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2012 -- The cellular phone is a singularly impressive piece of technology, and as progress has marched on it has become all the more remarkable. It has gone from a simple phone call transceiver to an incredibly sophisticated pocket size computer with a vast array of functionality. One of the latest developments in cell phones is software to track cell phone activity.

A major player in this new field is, an online retailer of cell phone activity tracking software. They have built up a substantial reputation for their efficient and good value stealth cell phone activity trackers.

The software works by keeping a record of every single text message, email, phone call and other communication that goes through the device. The phone calls themselves are actually recorded. The user needs to have physical access to the device to install the software. After that, they can view all of the phone’s activity and listen to the recorded phone calls. Once the software is installed the application is completely hidden, so the user of the phone will be completely unaware that all activity is being tracked.

The cell phone tracker software is available for all of the most popular mobile operating systems, including Apple iOS, Android and Blackberry platforms.

A spokesperson for the site said: “The Netspy mobile tracking system is definitely the most advanced piece of mobile tracking software that has ever been released, with an unrivalled feature set and functionality. It’s incredibly useful in a wide variety of situations. Many of our corporate clients use the software to ensure that company property is being used correctly, and it has even helped to uncover various thefts and other inappropriate use of company resources. Some worried husbands and wives have used the phone to check up on their spouse’s activities. It can be vital to gather evidence of infidelity to use in divorce cases, and our software can help do that. It has also been used successfully to protect children. Many parents are extremely concerned about their children’s welfare in the modern world, but they don’t want to inhibit their freedom. With the Netspy Mobile Tracker, you can let your child feel independent while you are safe in the knowledge that you are aware of what is going on in their lives.”

Netspy Software is an online retailer of incredibly advanced and feature rich cell phone tracking software.

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