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Network Analyzer App Introduces Background Scanning, Other Updates

Home WiFi Alert Network Scanner Exceeds 100,000 Active Users


Fort Meade, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/25/2016 -- Network scanner app Home WiFi Alert is introducing updates to its popular smartphone application.

The popular mobile app, which has quickly surpassed 100,000 active users, recently added background scanning, a major new feature that allows users to continue monitoring a home network while the app is closed. If a new device comes onto the network, the app will log the information and send a notification to the homeowner.

In addition to the new background-scanning feature, Home WiFi Alert now supports translations in two more languages: Russian and Hindi. Two additional languages are being translated and will be released with the next update. The development team at Home WiFi Alert also made minor tweaks to fix reported issues, ensuring that the app runs smoothly.

"This is a big update that our users are going to find extremely helpful," said Erich Krauz, developer of Home WiFi Alert. "Thanks to the wonderful feedback from our growing base of users, we are able to make this app the best WiFi analyzer at the Google Play Store, helping more people protect their home WiFi networks from thieves."

The Home WiFi Alert app is available for download from the Google Play Store at An ad-free Home Wifi Alert Pro version can be downloaded at

Home WiFi Alert will soon be available for iOS devices. The new version is slated for launch via the Apple store this February.

About Home WiFi Alert
Home WiFi Alert is a network scanner designed to help people become more involved with management of their home networks so they can easily detect thieves hacking into or stealing their connections. The free app was developed by Erich Krauz, a U.S. government employee in the security industry passionate about internet security and protecting families' WiFi networks from being hijacked by malicious people.

Learn more about Home WiFi Alert and watch an explainer video about how the app works at

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