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Network Drops Recommends Their Cables for Pharmaceutical Labs


Allentown, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/30/2016 -- Network Drops, an exalted network cabling service, is recommending that pharmaceutical companies utilize networking cables in their laboratories. Among other types of cables, the company offers quality cat 5e and cat 6 wiring that is suitable for use in the pharmaceutical industry.

Cat 5e are enhanced versions (hence the "e") of regular category 5 cables, which transmit signals via twisted copper wires. A widely known example of a cat 5e cable is a standard ethernet cord. Cat 5 cables can support a one gigabit network up to around 350 feet, making them adequate for internal use in many pharmaceutical labs, and other facilities.

For those who require higher speeds of communication and other various technological enhancements, cat 6 cables can be a bit more suitable. With a tighter twist on the copper wires, they are are equipped to administer two-way communication, for instance. Furthermore, they can handle up to 10 gigabit networks. Although cat 5 cables can be adequate in labs, cat 6 cables are generally more ideal because of their ability to support internal programs that require high bandwidth and gigabit networks.

Network Drops offers both types of ethernet cables, and pledges to work side by side with their clients' IT departments to ensure that the most suitable cabling networks are being installed in facilities. For pharmaceutical companies that are interested in learning more about Network Drops' cat 5e, cat 6 and fiber optic cabling, they can visit the company's website, or call 609-447-0941 to schedule a consultation, and receive a complimentary written estimate.

About Network Drops
Network Drops is a Central New Jersey-based network cabling service that provides and installs various cables to clients across the State. They specialize in cat 5/5e, cat 6, fiber optic, voice, commercial wireless and security services and installation. The company, which has been in existence since 1986, is equipped to handle jobs of any size, large or small, and is happy to provide their potential clients with complimentary, no obligation quotes.

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