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Network Monitoring Tools Developer CTS, LLC Acquires NSG Customer Base, Contracts and Software Codes


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/08/2012 -- Telecom consulting company CTS, LLC is pleased to announce the recent signing of a limited buyout agreement of network switch management software company Network Services Group (NSG). The buyout agreement, which goes into effect July 1, 2012, calls for the sale of NSG’s customer base, software code and associated contracts to CTS, LLC.

For the past 30 years, the company known today as CTS, LLC has developed innovative software programs utilized for vital messaging and traffic data gathering by large and small carriers in the national and international telecommunications industry. Since 1998, NSG’s software solutions for telecom network management have been vital tools for companies in managing, monitoring, and protecting network integrity. “The legacy of innovative network monitoring tools by both companies has greatly impacted the telecommunications industry and we couldn’t be more excited about future growth and innovations with our buyout of such a great company,” said CTS, LLC President and Founder Charlie G. Hinders.

As equally innovative software program developers for the telecommunications industry, the buyout of NSG by CTS, LLC is both logical and advantageous for the customers of both companies. The ability to monitor network traffic via network analysis tools allows constant monitoring of a company’s telecommunications enterprise. In addition they allow problem identification and management of capacity issues where VoIP, IP and telephone networks may be running on various different types of networks at the same time. These analysis tools filter all traffic that comes across an IP or telephone circuit or soft-switch network.

CTS, LLC is the developer of the CTS PRO, AMA and SS7 software solutions. The company specializes in tools for capacity engineering and traffic studies, advanced AMA and SS-7 Call Center (QMS) analysis, force management statistics, revenue assurance and consulting services among other software services. NSG's software modules enable companies to monitor, maintain, and manage network elements. NSG's system software collects, sorts, formats, and presents the information in an easily understood format available for many different departments to use.

While NSG will be selling its customer base, software code and associated support contracts, part of the agreement requires NSG to provide support to CTS, LLC for the customer base being transferred. The sale does not include NSG’s battery monitoring system called “Tortoise” which monitors each single battery in a string of batteries for condition. “We look forward to the transition of ownership and continuing to provide quality software products and dedicated service to the newly combined customer base,” said NSG President and Owner Peter A. Broikou. For more information, please visit http://www.ctsllc.biz

About CTS, LLC
CTS, LLC established in 1982 by Charlie G. Hinders provides an array of software products for the Telecommunications Industry. These include integration and monitoring of Circuit and SoftSwitch platforms (i.e. CopperCom, GenBand CS, Lucent 5E, MetaSwitch, Mitel, Nortel DMS, Redcom, Siemens, Taqua-T, the most prominent switching manufacturers today) for capacity engineering and traffic studies, advanced AMA and SS-7 analysis. The company also specializes in providing force management statistics, revenue assurance and consulting services, among other software services.