Neurobellum Productions Achieves Kickstarter Funding Goal to Garner Support for "The World of Casssyno - Playing Cards by Bengal"

A stunning deck of playing cards featuring character art, world fiction, and original card games designed by the celebrated artist!


Burbank, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2014 -- Beyond the plains of Collier Bluff and the glistening towers of Goldstaxx lies the land of Cassyno, a world of dark fantasy, magic, and games of chance created by French comic illustrator and concept artist Bengal. It is a land divided into four kingdoms, controlled by four powerful Houses, each possessing access to a unique source of magical energy. These houses have held a tenuous peace with each other since the Great War of Seven, but secret agendas have been bubbling beneath the surface for some time now, and soon the Grand Game will begin again.

This unique project has been designed specifically as an alternative to yet-another art book (which Bengal hopes to produce definitively in the near future), to be presented instead as a full set of 52 standard sized playing cards, printed by renowned playing card company USPCC (makers of Bicycle brand playing cards), packaged in a custom tuck box, also featuring original artwork.

This deck will be supplemented by a 48 page World-Game booklet featuring historical lore and character descriptions, setting the stage for a wide variety of stories and challenges. This booklet will also contain rules for five original card games drawn from within the fictional world that can be played with the deck itself, with rules that draw from the unique strengths and weaknesses of each character and House. These multiplayer games are designed to be easy to learn, but fun to master.

In addition, this booklet will feature original contributions from other well-known artists, including world-celebrated illustrators Claire Wendling (Avengers Fairy Tales), Mahmud Asrar (Supergirl), Kim Jung Gi (Spy Games), Enrique Fernandez (Brigada), Joe Madureira (X-men, Battle Chasers),Ben Caldwell (Wonder Woman), and Marguerite Sauvage.

Offered as incentive within the campaign are the requisite T-shirt, prints, signed copies of Bengal’s previous graphic novels, NAJA and MEKA, original art, and a bonus deck of cards featuring art from Bengal’s “Griseline” sketch blog, showcasing alluring women in a variety of fantasy, sci-fi, and pop-culture costumes. “Bengal’s Cosplay Girls” will only be produced for this campaign, and these works will not be made available after the campaign is over.

Neurobellum Productions needs financial help to allow Bengal the freedom to complete his vision for this world, specifically the final artwork. Production vendors for all materials have been identified and priced out, and game design is largely based on modifications of tried-and-true classic (public domain) card games re-purposed to be set within the fictional world of Cassyno.

According to the latest project update, this campaign has already exceeded its funding goal of $16,000.

Additional funds generated as pre-orders for the game set will go towards additional character design, expanded World Book features, and additional original card games to play with the deck itself.

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