Neuromash Team Gives Crowd Funding One Last Try to Raise $30,000 to Begin the Mind Game Evolution

NeuroMash is a casual mind control casino gaming company, by mashing-up classical gaming with a unique and novel form of user interaction.


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2014 -- Bringing user interaction to the masses, with the help of a unique tech wearable, in a way consumers thought only science fiction writers had a corner on, Neuromash gives crowd funding one last try to raise $30,000 for their “mind-control” product via the Crowd Funder Show and Putting a whole new spin on mind games the company is focused on “mashing-up” classical gaming with a unique and novel approach to what can only be described as the ultimate in mind game evolution. Using a tech wearable headset developed by NeuroSky, a company in partnership with Neuromash, the product uses raw brainwave signals to control an online casino game’s interaction.

“Our products are a whole new genre of casino games that offer a ‘disruptive’ level of user interaction which works hand in hand with what’s currently available in traditional casino gaming. Our technology will offer gamers what they have always wanted, the power to self-influence their odds of winning.” said Mehran Bagherzadeh, Founder/CEO of NeuroMash. “We believe that this time with the help of The Crowd Funder Show we have established the right perks program for our contributors.” Neuromash has had a prior crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and did not reach its set goal. The Neuromash team refunded all the contributors to their Indiegogo campaign and signed up to be showcased by the Crowd Funder Show. During the current campaign, every donor will get 100% of their contribution back in a form of a gift card for such retailers as Best Buy, GAP, Home Depot, Subway, Cineplex, ToysRus and Starbucks.

Neuromash is currently working towards the Beta Release of NeuroSlot, their flagship single player casino mind game. Single user games will eventually include a casino war game entitled NeuroWar, Blackjack influenced NeuroJack and NeuRoulette for Roulette fans. All single user games will be brain controlled so the only way a gamer can have an effect on their gaming outcome is by altering their emotional states. The mind control casino games tech wearable headset comes with several unique readable algorithms that include concentration, relaxation, blinks, task difficulty and other task familiarity activities that players are allowed to monitor on their screens. 

Eventually, with the launch of their NeuroPoker game bio-signals will give online poker enthusiasts what players “live in real time” have always had - Tells. “For the first time ever online poker players will have what’s known in the game as ‘tells’ on their opponents.” added Bagherzadeh. “A player’s opponents will be able to see both their own and their competitor’s level of relaxation and focus during the game. That’s what we call the ultimate in interactive gaming.” NeuroMash gaming experts say that their product will help players learn to make better gaming decisions and therefore become better competitors. 

Funds raised on Fundrazr will go toward the launch of the NeuroMash single player casino mind games, specifically NeuroSlot, and the initial development of NeuroPoker as well as other upcoming multi-player games. All the games are playable without the headset and can be converted to classic casino games that don’t use the captured and analyzed emotional state of the user to alter the game. Crowdfunding perks, as mentioned earlier, will include for every donor a 100% refund of their contribution back in a form of a gift card for such retailers as Best Buy, GAP, Home Depot and Starbucks. The perks start at $10 and move up to $100.

About NeuroMash
NeuroMash, is a “mind-control” casino gaming company using newly available third-party mobile EEG-reading tech wearables for casino games. The company is headed up by Founder and CEO Mehran Bagherzadeh who leads his creative team in cutting edge technology as they aim to integrate technology into everyday activities. The company will soon launch NeuroWar, NeuroJack and NeuRoulette along with NeuroSlot on NeuroSky’s gaming portal.

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