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Neuropathy: Treatments Exist That Could Lessen Pain That Is Getting at Your Nerves

Calmare Pain Relief Solutions’ Dr. Jack D’Angelo on Why Re-programing Pain Messages to Brain may be Key to Treatment


Staten Island, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2014 -- As far as ailments go, neuropathy may not be one that everyone has heard of or even knows much about, yet the Neuropathy Association estimates at least 20 million people — roughly one in 15 nationwide — have it in one form or another. According to the group, neuropathy is the most common chronic neurological disease and a leading cause of adult disability.

Neuropathy signifies nerve damage pain that may be the result of a disease or disorder affecting the nervous system. And though this pain can be a mystery, it is often thought that the pain is caused by nerve damage or nerve dysfunction and can be attributed to trauma, disease, or inflammation, says Jack D’Angelo, MD from NYC-based Calmare Pain Relief Solutions, a physician group which specializes in offering a non-narcotic and non-invasive solution for chronic pain.

“The injured nerves interfere with the body’s ability to communicate with muscles, organs and tissues. As a result, the disease can lead to numbness, tingling, weakness and pain in certain areas of the body, often starting in the hands and feet,” explains Dr. D’Angelo. Chronic neuropathic pain is caused when some of the nerves in the body are not functioning as they should. Some types are caused by metabolic disorders such as diabetes or thyroid disease. Other types of chronic neuropathic pain can also be caused by other chronic pain disorders, such as degenerative disc disease.

According to Dr. D’Angelo, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy may experience what is called Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy – it is the collateral damage caused by some chemotherapy agents to the peripheral nervous system—the system that transmits information between the central nervous system and the rest of the body.

Symptoms of chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy include numbness, tingling, or burning sensations. “Patients may also notice that things previously not painful now cause pain, such as touching hot or cold items. Symptoms often begin in the fingertips or toes and may progress. And while not as common, patients also may develop some weakness,” says Dr. D’Angelo.

“We try many approaches with patients experiencing nerve pain, they include stimulating the area to bring back blood flow, dietary and food changes to reduce inflammation and supplements as certain vitamins are known to repair and heal nerves. When those options have been exhausted we move on to approaches such as Tensunits to stimulate the area and also new medication on the market with specific indications to treat nerve pain such as Lyrica. We are also finding that patients with nerve pain may also benefit from what we call Scrambler therapy,” says Dr. D’Angelo. Scrambler Therapy also known as Calmare® Therapy, is a non-narcotic, non-invasive procedure for the treatment of chronic pain.

A “no pain” message is transmitted to the affected nerve through disposable surface electrodes that are applied to the skin in the region of the patient’s pain. The perception of pain no longer exists when the “no pain” message replaces the pain by using the same pathway through the surface electrodes in a non-invasive manner. The patient’s pain intensity can be completely diminished for immediate relief of their condition.

The maximum benefit achieved through Calmare® Therapy often is achieved with multiple treatments. The patient may be able to experience long-lasting relief between subsequent treatments while enduring significant pain control. The time period between each treatment can depend on the underlying cause and severity of the pain as well as other factors.

“Our goal in working with cancer patients is help them better manage their condition and feel a better quality of life during cancer treatment. We want to limit or remove that layer of adverse side effects of opioids and other drugs commonly prescribed for various pain conditions during this time and let patients focus on their recovery, “adds Dr. D’Angelo.

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About Calmare Pain Relief Solutions
Calmare Pain Relief Solutions is a Physician group which specializes in offering non-narcotic and non-invasive solutions for chronic pain.

About Our Physicians
The physicians at Calmare Pain Relief Solutions, Christopher Perez, MD and Jack D'Angelo, MD, have been treating chronic pain patients suffering from neuropathies such as failed back surgery, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD/CRPS), and Chemotherapy-induced Peripheral Neuropathy (CIPN) and together have over 30 years of clinical experience treating chronic neuropathic pain.

About Calmare(R) Pain Therapy ("Scrambler" Therapy)
The Calmare(R) pain therapy device, commonly known as a "Scrambler" therapy machine, is a patented and proprietary, U.S. FDA 510(k)-cleared and European CE mark-certified pain medical device for the non-invasive and non-narcotic treatment of chronic neuropathic and oncologic pain. The medical device uses a multi-processor that creates a new pain association signal from pain source to brain, which replaces a "pain" signal with a "no-pain" signal. The new "no-pain" signal is delivered to the brain through surface electrodes, and can provide immediate to long-lasting pain relief for the patient.

Distributed by its licensee Competitive Technologies, Inc. (OTC:CTTC), the Calmare pain therapy has been administered to thousands of patients worldwide. It has shown efficacy in treating neuropathic and oncologic pain. Today, through a General Services Administration (GSA) preferred vendor number, Calmare is used throughout US military and Veterans Administration (VA) hospitals.