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Neutun Introduces New Way to Track and Manage Seizure Disorders


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/19/2015 -- Neutun is a new type of software that works in conjunction with a smartwatch or wearable tracking tool in order to help epileptics and others living with seizure disorders to track and manage their symptoms more effectively.  As seen at, Neutun is device agnostic, non-invasive and pairs with a number of wearables so that those with epilepsy and seizure disorders can track their symptoms, thereby gaining a tool for managing seizures and improve their health.

"Neutun is not a way to diagnose epilepsy," notes creator Eric Dolan.  "Instead, it is a way for those living with seizures to take control and hopefully manage this aspect of their lives so that they can feel more confident."  Brother Alex Dolan, co-creator, adds, "Our family has had experience with significant health issues, and we wanted to bring others a way to handle at least one ongoing aspect of epilepsy."

The brothers experienced several health setbacks more than a decade ago when their family had to deal with epilepsy, flesh-eating bacterial disease and open-back surgery in a single year. "What pained us more than these events was the lack of day-to-day tracking and monitoring that could have prevented them," says Alex Dolan.  Eric Dolan notes, "Most solutions didn't do what they had promised, or were clunky or poorly designed. After spending years building software, studying data science and health informatics, we built Neutun to help those who are living with epilepsy. Our goal is for no one to have to go through what we did in 2002."

Neutun tracks and journals epileptic events, even when the user is unable to do so.  It also notifies loved ones of incidents and alerts first responders with the data provided by the smartwatch or wearable device.  Currently, Neutun is compatible with Pebble, but an Apple version will be released soon.  For more information, see the product's website.

About Neutun
Neutun is software that is compatible with wearable devices to track epileptic symptoms and seizures and notify others in an emergency.  The software was created by Eric and Alex Nolan, brothers who have dealt with epilepsy in their own family.

Contact Person: Eric Dolan
Company: Neutun Labs Inc.
Address: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Phone: 647-632-6160