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Never Have Another Bad Date with People 2 Avoid


Orange County, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2013 -- People 2 Avoid has launched their new website, a social research tool that allows people to check out dates' social character prior to going out with a person. Based on the premise that in anyone’s life, there are people to avoid , now the average person can determine whether someone is safe to go out with.

Whether a toxic partner, unethical business owner, or shadowy relative, consumers can rest easy in the knowledge that they can protect themselves.

People 2 Avoid offers consumers an excellent resource to add to standard background checks, offering a more in depth look at a person's social character. This dynamic website offers users the ability to search for people who may have a tarnished reputation, presenting their contact information, picture, and social background to the world. No longer will daters be surprised by an individual's "dark side."

Closely monitored and investigated for quality, People 2 Avoid's wonderful database offers users information on who to avoid , who not to do business with, and the top worst employers.

With fully disclosed information on some of the worst people, users can avoid meetings that could lead to abuse, financial ruin, theft, cheating, or worse. Often, victims of scams, abuse, or other bad behavior lament that they "never thought he/ she would behave that way." Now, daters can have a realistic picture of people prior to that first meeting.

Using advanced searching techniques, People 2 Avoid presents information such as drivers' license numbers, addresses, phone numbers, and pictures of people to avoid. An accompanying biography explains why this person has been included in the database. However, People2Avoid does not simply publish information about people without any verification.

An ex-boyfriend or girlfriend cannot simply slander a potential date. Instead, People2Avoid takes care to collect and screen information and never publishes a “profile” until the same person has received multiple complaints from different sources. All posters are required to share identifying information with People2Avoid to prevent anonymous postings.

People2Avoid also allows character references for those who have had three complaints filed. Site users can vote on created profiles, so if a person has a history of poor behavior it is likely that he or she will receive profile feedback from more than one person. Users can file complaints on various categories such as “bad people near me,” “report my boyfriend,” or “report my girlfriend.”

Users who are researching a potential date can then have access to what others are saying about the person in question and make an informed decision about whether to continue a relationship or not.

About People2Avoid
People2Avoid is a new type of website that allows users to find information about potential dates, business partners, and others that may help them avoid contact with people who are dangerous or intent on scamming others. People2Avoid is free to join and offers verified profiles on those who it may be best to avoid.

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