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New Accelerated Business Tactics 3-Volume Book Series Release


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2013 -- Iron Solutions Group, which specializes in Business Coaching designed to help company's growth in business credit, corporate identity, corporate identity repair, owner mindset management, marketing and more, has today announced the release of a new business credit development book series, under the theme: “Accelerated Business Tactics”.

The three-volume book series include:

- Volume 1: Systematic Credit Engineering (ISBN-13: 978-1492180289)

- Volume 2: LLC Companion Journal (SBN-13: 978-1492258278)

- Volume 3: C Corporation Companion Journal (ISBN-13: 978-1492261193)

According to Iron Dane Richards, CEO/Director, books naturally follows the first book, Advanced Business Tactics: Credit Development From $0 to $1,000,000, a compact Seminar Edition Workbook and Guide which he wrote back in July 4, 2009. Subsequently, a newer edition emerged in 2012 with updated technical information and new lenders added along with increasing page count to 300.

“No other business credit building media or business credit coaching in the marketplace encompasses a complete strategy along with record keeping such as this series as are contained in this new series of Accelerated Business Tactics,” claims Richards, who heads ISG, a company that wants other companies to become more than just simply a good business, but giving them brand market affinity, streamline your internal operations and provide strategic plans and the right coaching to achieve their ultimate bottom line goals while working within budget.

Volume #1: Accelerated Business Tactics Series: Credit Engineering offers readers the insider secrets from the industry leader in business credit coaching and banking Iron Dane Richards, and covers a range of subjects to include Company Business Structures, Legal Entities, Nevada Companies, Wyoming Companies, New Mexico Companies, Colorado Companies, Beginning the Credit Building System, How to Buy Aged Or Shelf Companies at a Discount, Dunn & Bradstreet - Paydex, Rating & Score, Initial Credit Building for Each Company, Golden Rules for Business,

“This is a complete comprehensive credit building volume that is used in the ISG Business Tactics Seminars,” says Richards.

Volume #2: Accelerated Business Tactics LLC Companion Journal presents in a comprehensive way an easy to use workbook format. This journal, which immediately begins with the right business habits of documentation of business operations with the necessary and easy to use forms, is a workbook for keeping company records.

“It also helps to validate your company’s compliance with minutes of meetings along with reports to board of directors,” says Richards, who has over 30 years of business management, consulting and coaching experience creating comprehensive guide business guides to assist businesses planning and record keeping.

Volume #3: Accelerated Business Tactics C Corporation Journal, according to Richards, is a comprehensive journal for C-Corporation, and it is presented in a workbook format, designed for ease of use. It addresses matters dealing with “right business habits”, proper documentation of business operations with the necessary and easy to use forms.

According to Richards, this workbook is great for keeping corporate records and validates company’s compliance with minutes of meetings and reports to board of directors.

“If you haven’t yet prepared everything from the business structure to business planning,” says Richards, “then this journal workbook can help you organize your business operation for the first critical year or years thereafter.”

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