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New Advertising Network from AdUnleash Matches Advertisers, Publishers to Maximize ROI, Profits


Wichita, KS -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/14/2012 -- Every day, the Internet plays host to billions of people throughout the world searching for any number of resources. From online shopping and social media to educational material and driving directions, the web serves as the ultimate guide to just about every topic, product and service.

Due to the sheer number of websites and informational resources available on the Internet, it can be a large challenge for businesses to catch the attention of potential qualified customers.

And whether through pay-per-click banner advertising or website optimization, finding the exact formula to yield the highest amount of return on investment can be a time-consuming and costly process.

Featuring a new highly targeted, automated online advertising distribution platform, AdUnleash is a unique advertising network that brings advertisers and publishers together. Utilizing special technology, the banner advertising network provides advertisers and website publishers the ability to maximize their return on invest and produce higher profits, sooner.

PPC advertising has long been the standard way in which businesses have tested new campaigns and offers. Unlike other networks, the new ad network platform from AdUnleash makes it possible for advertisers to become profitable much faster with its automated and intelligent hybrid bidding system that scales up campaigns when conversations and results improve.

Whether they are utilizing a CPA or PPC bidding strategy, the new system lets advertisers specify their exact target audience, including country selection, niche category selection, keyword specification and demographic targeting by age and gender.

Once an advertiser’s campaign has run for a while and can be analyzed, the AdUnleash system automatically examines and matches the advertiser with the highest yielding positions, maximizing profits.

“By signing up to be an advertiser on the AdUnleash Ad Network you will have the tools to reach a broad global audience while utilizing a specialized system that has the intelligence to automatically optimize and scale up your campaigns for maximum ROI,” said Steve from AdUnleash. “This isn’t your average ad delivery system…AdUnleash has the ability to make you more money with unique targeting and optimization technology that will assist you in reaching the customers you want 24/7.”

For publishers, implementing banner ads on a website is an excellent way to earn extra revenue.

According to Steve from AdUnleash, website publishers can utilize the new system to earn the highest CPM rates possible by being matched with targeted and effective banner ads, with little to no effort.

“The AdUnleash Ad Network automatically finds the highest and most effective CPM yields and rotates to the next most profitable set of offers when advertisers go over their budget or end their campaigns,” said Steve. “This means that publishers will not have to remove ads when advertisers expend their budget or search out the best performing ads.”

To find out more about AdUnleash and how to signup with their advertising network visit http://www.adunleash.com.

About AdUnleash
Founded in 2012, AdUnleash is a unique advertising network that brings together advertisers and publishers with a unique self-serve advertising distribution platform. Utilizing special technology, AdUnleash maximizes ROI and helps website owners and advertisers realize higher profits.