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New AirplaneGamesHQ.com Website Brings the Best in Free Airplane Games to the Web


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/29/2012 -- Gamers with a love for flight simulators, aerial dogfights and the freedom of precision flying are loving the airplane games at the new Website AirplaneGamesHQ.com. The Website features the top free-to-play airplane games that can be played directly in the browser without any downloads.

While the love of flight is as old as man, flying an actual airplane remains beyond the scope of most people today. Gamers on the other hand see no such restrictions and are constantly searching for airplane games online where they can dive, swoop and battle in the air. The new Website Airplane Games HQ comes to their rescue by providing the best free airplane games on the Web. “We’re adding new games that meet our high standards almost every day, so people that love airplane games have a great variety of fun games to choose from,” said the AirplaneGamesHQ.com Website founder.

There are several exciting new airplane games that have been added to the Website just in the last two weeks. Among them is an exciting game for rockers known as “Iron Maiden: Flight 666,” which is a Flash airplane game based on the documentary film of the same name. The game revolves around the awesome heavy metal band Iron Maiden where the object of the game is to guide the band’s tour plane (Flight 666) through the five countries visited in their “Somewhere Back in Time” world tour. “The object is to drop speakers to your fans without crushing them to meet a predetermined fan quota so that they can rock out,” said the Website founder.

Gamers are already racking up big plays on the shooting game “Redshift.” The object of the game is to choose a character (each has different stats and abilities) and then dodge enemy fire, destroy your enemies and make it to the end of each level alive. “Redshift” has a number of RPG elements and features excellent graphics, smooth controls, over 250 new weapons and a larger campaign.

Other popular games featured at Airplane Games HQ include the very challenging “F/A-18 Hornet,” “Sky Machine” where players can be Orville or Wilbur Wright, “Airport Madness” where the player is an airport traffic controller and many more. “Whether you like simulators, aerial dogfights or any type of flying, the new Website has a fun and challenging game to fit any player’s skill level or mood,” said the Website’s founder. For more information, please visit http://airplanegameshq.com/

About AirplaneGamesHQ.com
AirplaneGamesHQ.com is an online arcade focusing on the top free-to-play airplane games. From airplane simulator to landing and flying games, AirplaneGamesHQ.com has fun games to keep the aircraft enthusiast entertained for hours. Airplane Games HQ is frequently updated with the latest free airplane games available on the Web.