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New All-Business 'ECard' Service Promises Increased Employee Performance Just 60 Seconds at a Time

With millions of North American employees feeling undervalued and ‘in the dark’ about their job performance, one Canada-based HR expert has announced a unique eCard-based service to improve productivity and performance, through sincere and consistent employee appreciation.


Kelowna, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2013 -- While annual company dinner and gift-boxed tie checks the box for saying ‘thank you’, millions of employees crave simpler yet more frequent appreciation. According to a Canada-based HR expert, Mmaphuti Tsolo, regular messages of thanks can have a dramatic effect on performance, loyalty and ultimately the bottom-line. Wanting to help both employers and employees achieve their best, Tsolo has announced a unique new eCard appreciation service.

uMatter Cards Inc. has a simple yet astonishingly-compelling model; a vast online bank of appreciation-centric eCards that employers can send employees to help them feel recognized, appreciated and important. Designed to be created and sent in under one minute, each card acts as a powerful tool to give employees the drive they need to continue working at their best.

Unlike existing eCard services, uMatter cards contain no frivolity or tack; everything is 100% dedicated to helping managers improve employee performance through sincere appreciation.

The website’s online bank of cards already contains over 480 designs with messages ranging from notices of effort and constructive criticism all the way to applauding promotion and even welcoming new hires.

With each card fully customizable and available on an unlimited basis, Tsolo is confident that employers will quickly reap the benefits of making appreciation a frequent outreach.

“Companies are becoming aware that employee appreciation is key to engagement, morale and discretionary effort. Year after year surveys indicate that employees want to feel they’re appreciated, and managers lack the tools for expressing targeted everyday appreciation, letting employees know they matter and are noticed,” says Tsolo, who is a seasoned performance improvement professional. She designed each card based around proven constructive feedback concepts.

Tsolo adds, “Annual acts of appreciation are simply expected by employees and don’t carry the same effect of sporadic and unexpected feedback. This frequent climate of outreach to employees ultimately inspires the entire workforce without any favoritism.”

Further benefits of frequent appreciation include the ability to manage happier teams with less discipline, increase cooperation, prevent troubled relationships and enhance the tone of communication.

“Many managers don’t know how to put appreciation into words and may also feel uncomfortable giving praise face-to-face. That’s why we have pre-designed our cards in accordance with proven appreciation strategies and have built the system around the eCard format; allowing managers to quickly send praise and feedback without the need to call each employee into an office,” says Tsolo.

Initial feedback for the website has been overwhelmingly positive. Due to the growing demand for its services the website and company will soon be expanding to reach the United Kingdom, South Africa, Canada and Australia.

Unlimited monthly subscriptions start from just $19.95, with a free trial available.

To find out more information, set up a free trial and realize the true benefits of the frequent appreciation model, visit: http://www.umattercards.com/

About the Company
uMatterCards.com helps leaders and managers in leading brands around the world improve company performance through appreciation. In just 60 seconds at a time, you can strengthen your image and reputation and increase your team’s performance. Getting results through appreciation has never been easier.