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Paramus, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2013 -- Alternative treatments for how to improve kidney function can have a positive outcome on kidney diseases of all types. Diet must be part of any kidney disease treatment program and can’t be separated. Since the kidney regulates so many nutritional factors diet is key to keeping the kidney working properly.

The scientifically formulated diet from has been creating an entire new approach for an alternative treatment. Some of these healing methods are actually main stream in other parts of the world like China, Hungary, parts of Mexico and Italy to name a few.

This diet approach and supplement program for how to improve kidney function with alternative treatments works for most types of kidney diseases including:

High blood pressure
High blood pressure kidney disease is a chronic medical condition in which the blood pressure is elevated. When blood pressure goes uncontrolled for a period of time it will damage the kidney arteries.

Diabetic kidney disease, also called diabetic nephropathy is a disorder of the metabolism/pancreas causing excessive thirst and the production of large amounts of urine.

Polycystic kidney
PKD which stands polycystic kidney disease is a cystic genetic disorder of the kidneys. Fluid filled cysts develop in the kidney causing a gradual loss of kidney function over time.

End stage renal disease
A progressive loss of renal function over a period of months or years, the symptoms of worsening kidney function are unspecific, and might include feeling generally unwell and experiencing a reduced appetite.

Acute or chronic inflammation of the kidney, typically caused by an auto immune disorder. The immune system accidentally mistakens the kidney as a foreign invader and it attacks it.

The kidney damaging effects of any of these diseases has ruined many lives of many people in the United States, United Kingdom, and all over the world. With anyone of the above diseases, the kidneys l function slowly decreases in their ability of cleaning out cell damaging toxin buildup and waste from the human body.

The field of kidney disease is in its infancy. We are still learning everyday about how the kidney works. And until recently, the only treatments for most forms of chronic kidney disease were a handful of medication that only worked marginally.

Dialysis and a kidney transplant are options but it should be used as the last resort. Life on dialysis is not enjoyable. The person may feel better but the diet and fluid restrictions are very difficult and the dialysis treatments are painful and physically and emotionally draining.

Even a transplant is not a cure all as there is a greater risk of the body rejecting the new kidney or the sufferer might develop cancer, diabetes, frequent colds and infections. These are side effects of the anti rejection medicines.

With the new diet and alternative treatment program of how to improve kidney function available. For the first time ever, it is possible for people to hope for an alternate solution to their problems that actually reverses kidney damage. The alternative treatments offered at is a new treatment options for kidney disease. The program has been approved of by various healthcare professionals, medical doctors and nutritionist.

It is a realistic option for anyone with stage 2, 3, or 4 kidney disease to avoid getting on a dialysis program and stopping their kidney disease from progressing. People will need to switch to a healthy kidney diet that only provide kidney friendly foods. The diet, supplements, and lifestyle program should be monitored according to specific parameters because in this diet, it’s about avoiding harmful foods and consuming healing foods.

The alternative treatments available on is specifically targeted towards healing or stopping kidney disease from progressing. The diet also offers options to control mineral problems, reduce inflammation, medication guidelines, and addressing all the problems, symptoms and complications of kidney disease.

This complete program is called “The all natural kidney health and kidney function restoration program alternative treatment plan”. The program can help heal and control kidney disease by showing how to improve kidney function.

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