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New Amazon Kindle Release Promotion Available for Greg Frost's Program "Maximizing Brain Control"


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2013 -- Best-selling author and personal development coach Greg Frost announces the new book release of his latest publication, "Maximizing Brain Control," and the availability of a new Amazon Kindle release promotion offering a free bonus program called "Mind Verge." Anyone who purchases "Maximizing Brain Control" on Amazon between October 15 and 17 will receive a free copy of the bonus program "Mind Verge," a scientifically proven program to help reprogram the brain.

"Maximizing Brain Control" is an introductory and advanced course exploring the mystery and capacity of the human brain. Though Albert Einstein was famously quoted as saying that humans only use 10 percent of their brain, in truth, 100 percent of the brain is being used at any given time. In reality, most people actually use only 10 percent of their brain's potential. "Maximizing Brain Control" sheds light on some of the most damaging notions that people have about the brain, allowing them to literally open their minds to the concept of using the brain to its fullest potential.

"The human brain is one of mankind's greatest, yet unsolved mysteries," says an article on the website. "From general brain health to psychological impacts of brain injury and trauma, scientists have long sought answers for decades... and they have yet to fully uncover the wonders of the human brain. 'Maximizing Brain Control' explores the hidden depths of the human brain. Through various brain exercises and techniques, you'll learn how to tap into the other 90 percent of your brain's potential that has thus far remained undiscovered."

The new book release offers readers a chance to improve their brain memory by reviewing several aspects of brain functionality. Readers are introduced to their brains and how they function, shedding light on the ability that some have to master their minds and accomplish amazing feats. "Maximizing Brain Control" also highlights four key brain rules that are essential for mental longevity. Additional tools include how to train the brain to have extraordinary prowess and how to achieve full and absolute control over the mind.

About "Maximizing Brain Control"
"Maximizing Brain Control" author Greg Frost takes readers into an enlightening exploration of the truth behind the human brain, and how everything that the reader experiences - success, failures, misery, joy - has to do with the three pound mass sitting inside their heads. Frost reveals the secret to maximizing the brain's capabilities through various exercises and techniques that are easy to apply on an everyday basis, and even teaches how to harness negative thought into positive influence for unimaginable success. For more information, visit http://www.maxbraincontrol.com.