New Amazon Product Release: #1 Ultimate Heat Protection Oven Gloves by Maddie M Designs


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2014 -- Maddie M Designs is a premier Home and Kitchen Company that is known for creating well designed and high quality kitchen products. Not, the company releases its newest product at Amazon; The Ultimate Heat Protection Gloves. The product is offered at the price not more than $25 plus a free shipping offer on orders that exceed $35, which allows shoppers to save as much as 75% or $74.96. The gloves may be cheap, but it has more than 1000 uses ranging from baking, hot pots, barbequing, changing light bulbs, setting camp fires, moving logs, etc.

The No.1 Ultimate Heat Protection Glove is quoted as “The Best Oven Grill Glove Available on the Market”. According to Maddie M Designs the product was designed to be incredibly heath resistant and easy to use. It can resist temperature nearly 662° F keeping the hands protected from getting injured due to heat. The gloves are specially designed to give users maximum protection not only on the hands, but also on the wrists and arms. Maddie M Designs claims that the gloves can assists in elimination or decreasing injuries related to kitchen burns.

The #1 Ultimate Heat Protection Oven Gloves by Maddie M Designs is made with the same material used in the gear of firefighters and the military. This revolutionary technology used by the military and firefighters can protect users from any heat source, even if they pace their entire arm inside the oven; they will not get burned. Not only the Nomey and Kevlar material provide maximum thermal protection, but also last for years, giving value to money.

Also, the product is made with silicone coating allowing it to deliver maximum grip. The silicone grip on the sides of each glove delivers maximum grip for grabbing roast, turkey, or a pan of cookies from the oven. Also, the special grip at the top of each glove facilitates ease of removal when done using it.

About The Maddie M Designs #1 Ultimate Heat Protection Oven Gloves
The Maddie M Designs #1 Ultimate Heat Protection Oven Gloves are backed with a lifetime guarantee. Shoppers can buy with confidence knowing that they are covered by the company’s lifetime warranty. Besides, the product is sold at Amazon, and Amazon is a reputable online store that is known as the best place to find high quality products.

Media Contact: Amanda MacNeil
Location: New York, NY