New Anabolic Cooking Review Site Now Live with Muscle Growth Recipe Tips

The Anabolic Cooking Review site at AnabolicCookingHub.Com is now live. On this site, there are reviews and recipes on easy-to-prepare, muscle growing and fat loss meals.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2013 -- The Anabolic Cooking Hub site located at www.AnabolicCookingHub.Com is now live. This site is dedicated to reviewing the topic of Anabolic Cooking, a form of easy, delicious cooking that provides the necessary nutrition for bodybuilders and fitness conscious people to lose fat and build muscles quickly. There are helpful articles and recipes published on the site, so that visitors can gain valuable insights on how to meal plan and eat well. This is suitable for follks who are busy and hate to cook, without compromising on taste.

Currently, most bodybuilders and health conscious people have a tendency to associate healthy cooking with tasteless recipes like boiled chicken, steamed vegetables or bland steaks. These are misconceptions that the publishers of the site hope to address. This misconception not only leads to readers having to tolerate a boring diet, it can actually be a stumbling block that keeps someone from meeting his or her bodybuilding physique goals. This is because they may be easily tempted to stray from a healthy diet when faced with having to eat boring foods all the time. According to bodybuilding experts, proper diet and nutrition contribute significantly to the accomplishment of reaching the right physique.

According to Patrick Sutherland, chief editor of the site, "On AnabolicCookingHub.Com, visitors can learn quickly that it is easy and fun to create delicious foods in their home kitchen. It's cheaper than eating out, and healthier than going to fast food restaurants. And they can enjoy all these benefits through simple to prepare recipes. This makes it much easier for anyone looking to burn fat and growth muscles, as they now have easy and tasty meal plans to follow."

The site recommends the Anabolic Cooking cookbook by Dave Ruel, himself a competitive bodybuilder and muscle coach. Ruel is also a nutritionist with a passion for cooking. Visitors can read all about it in the full Anabolic Cooking review found on the site. The program includes a cookbook with 200 delicious and easy-to-prepare fat burning and muscle growing food recipes. Visitors can also learn more about the program itself, consisting of a quick start guide with nutritional, grocery shopping and meal preparation tips. The content of this program is suitable for beginner or intermediate cooks alike, or for anyone searching for a source of healthy recipes. An example of a recipe is found here:

The philosophy of the site editorial is to provide all of these information in an easy to understand format. There are lots of articles with quick tips that can be understood and implemented right away. To learn more, readers can visit the site at:

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The AnabolicCookingHub.Com site is an online destination for people who looking for nutrition and diet tips for building muscles and losing fat. The site offers articles, tips and recipes on easy-to-prepare meals that are delicious and targeted to helping muscle growth and fat burning. It is commonly believed that healthy muscle growing meals are boring and a challenge to eat. The site bursts the myth directly through its helpful articles. Through visiting the site, readers can learn how easy it is to prepare great tasting meals quickly, even if they are pressed for time. This will allow them to get on the fast track to attaining the ideal body physique they want. More information is available at:

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