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New and Improved Iraqi Dinar Adds Anti Forgery Features: First Step Towards Strengthening Iraq's Currency

Over the past few years, con artists are using Iraq’s currency to blind their victims. These ill minded con artists are convincing their innocent victim to buy dinar and giving them the promise that this will revalue over time.


Vernon, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2014 -- Who will not be blinded by this statement: “as a potentially profitable investment on the theory that at some unknown point in time a “revaluation” would occur. If the Iraqi government would increase the value of its currency from a tenth of a penny to, say, $2, a $25 investment could turn into $50,000.” stated by the three local men of Ohio who are caught promoting the currency.

Many are foreseeing that dinar will revalue and are seeing this as a wise investment; however there are cases that the scam victims are not getting a genuine dinar.

Is this the reason that the Iraqi government strengthens their currency’s security feature?

A couple of months ago, Iraq introduced its new and improved currency with an enhanced security features like guarantee ribbons and the feature that’s being used around the world, the SPARK feature.

Ihsan Shamran al-Yasseri, treasury director of the Central Bank of Iraq announced the move, emphasizing that this was a positive step forward that will help strengthen the currency. In connection with this major move al-Yasseri stated:

“The new currency, of which the small value ones have been offered for circulation, is not much different in form from the notes currently being used by the public. But these are infused with safer and more effective technical specifications containing security symbols and many technical characteristics that will give the notes longer life and make it difficult or almost impossible to counterfeit. Many of the present currency notes have become overused and it was necessary to renew them with the addition of features that would make the notes more able to effectively resist the constant circulation as well as attempts at forgery.”

The new notes (dinars) include the following denominations: 250, 500, and 1,000 Iraqi dinars and the larger denominations as well such as 5,000, 10,000 and 25,000, these new notes are to be used together with the old notes until they are phased out.

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