New and Small Businesses Find Ways to Get Noticed in an Ocean of Websites

Small and newly formed businesses come up promptly in the search listings by using expired, high ranking domain names. If you can’t beat ‘em, stand on the back of someone who has and let them carry your business around.


Gloucester, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2013 -- There is only one thing that will ultimately give a small or newly formed business a chance at getting business from their website: they need to get found. In the internet world, potential customer’s search under “keywords” to find the product or service they want to buy. And, for the small business, having those keywords in their domain improves the chance they will get found exponentially. Being that so many great domain names have been taken already, what is the small business to do to get their website found?

Reuben Davis, CEO of, has suggestions to help the small or newly formed business prosper in an SEO world. According to Davis, the small business can seek out an expired domain reseller and can:
1. Find and purchase an expired domain name that has a great ranking
2. Capitalize on the good will and image built up by a credible, expired domain
3. Utilize that good will to attract more clients and increase exposure

According to Davis, “If someone has already paved the way, why create a new road through the muck and the mire?” In a world where finding a great domain is so difficult and optimizing a new site is even more difficult, the small business can clearly benefit greatly from such a service.

To find out how the small or newly formed business can purchase relevant, expired domain names, visit For media inquiries or to contact Reuben Davis, call 4401452416867; or, you can email for more information at

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