New Android App Prevents Lost Smartphones by Alerting Owner Immediately


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/13/2013 -- Ping Drop, a new application made for Android-based mobile phones, has just been released on Google Play, and is expected to be a big hit with users. Ping Drop is set up to alert you when your phone hits the floor, protecting you from suffering the loss of an expensive device.

“How much would it cost to replace your Android smartphone if you lost it?” asks Toni Trinidad, co-founder of Interconnected Gaming and the co-creator of Ping Drop. “Typically, the cost of replacement would be hundreds of dollars; and if that’s not bad enough, consider the value you place on lost applications, photos and personal details in your device’s memory, too.”

Trinidad points out that millions of smartphones are lost each year, and many people are not aware of the moment their phones accidentally slip off a table or out of their pockets. After a personal experience of a phone falling out of her possession, the idea for Ping Drop was conceived.

Ping Drop immediately triggers your phone's ringtone and camera flash (if it has one) when your phone falls to the ground. This dual-alert mechanism ensures you hear the phone, or see the flash if your device slips out of your pocket in a noisy environment or when your attention is diverted.

“Ping Drop is the best insurance you can get for your phone because you'll know the exact moment it falls unnoticed,” said Trinidad. “And even if this helps you just one time, Ping Drop will have easily paid for itself a hundred times over.”

Currently, Ping Drop is available only for Android smartphone users, but Interconnected Gaming is working on a version that may function on other mobile platforms in the future.

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Interconnected Gaming is an independent developer of Android and iOS apps that is based in San Diego, California. The company’s popular video charades iPhone app, “Acting Out!” reached the Top 50 word games in iTunes. For more information, visit Ping Drop is the company’s first Android product release. For more information about Ping Drop, visit or watch the video at

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